Long bob: 5 styling options and 9 color ideas

Long bob: 5 styling options and 9 color ideas

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An elongated bob, also known as a bob-bob, is one of the most fashionable hairstyles of the year. It suits almost everyone, regardless of the shape of the face, age, clothing preferences and lifestyle. It’s all about the asymmetry of clear lines, but also the variability of styling!

Hairstyle history

Jeanne d'Arc with bob hair Albert Lynch, Joan of Arc © Wikimedia, Depositphotos

Perhaps the first famous woman who wore a bob hairstyle can be considered Joan of Arc. It was her image that inspired Antoine de Paris in 1909. However, she was not approved by society everywhere – after feminine curls, this short haircut seemed revolutionary and overly masculine.

For example, in the UK, Queen Mary of Teck, the grandmother of Elizabeth II, asked at official celebrations to hide such a bold hairstyle. Sometimes women who chose a bob wore wigs during all their exits to the street – and only at home “exposed” their heads.

In the 1960s, the fragile Twiggy became the idol of millions of women. By choosing a bob as part of her image, she doomed him to success.

And in 2000, it became so popular in New York that women who wanted such a haircut lined up in long lines at the hairdressers! And now this haircut can be seen in the stars of all continents. Take Katie Holmes, for example. Bob made her look stylish and complete. We believe that she knowingly refused long hair!

Celebrities who wore long bob

Katie Holmes with bob hair Katie Holmes, married to Tom Cruise, preferred an asymmetrical bob. © Depositphotos

Katie Holmes isn’t the only one adorned with this haircut. However, a number of stars preferred an elongated version of the bean – and these images remained in the hearts of their fans as the brightest.

Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Olga Orlova, Polina Gagarina chose this haircut over the years.

Celebrities who wore long bob © Depositphotos, celebrity personal blogs

Styling options

Classic – smooth and shiny

This long bob hairstyle emphasizes the clean lines of the haircut and the beauty of the hair in its naturalness. But “washed, dried and done” does not work with a bean: without styling, it will not be possible to achieve the desired smoothness without fluffing the hair.

How to do:

  1. Wash your hair and pat it dry with a soft towel. Spray your curls with a no-rinse anti-frizz product.
  2. Dry them with a brush and hair dryer. If desired, twist the tips slightly inward, towards the neck. Important: when drying, do not divide the entire mass of hair into too small strands, otherwise you will add a lot of volume! This is also beautiful, but, alas, a completely different styling option.
  3. At the very end of styling, spray a gloss spray over the entire length of the hair.
Long bob - styling options © Instagram @juliosolary

For fine hair – extra volume

If you are not the owner of “enviable braids”, this is not a reason to refuse an elongated bean. There is an option how to give extra volume without twisting curls.

How to do:

  1. Dry your washed hair with a towel. It is better to use shampoo and balm with a mark like “extra volume”, this will be an additional plus for such styling.
  2. Blow-dry your hair, dividing it into small strands and brushing through each, lifting at the roots. Important: do not forget to use styling products that do not glue the strands, which will help keep the styling for the maximum amount of time.
  3. Shake your head to create a slight mess of curls. Give the necessary “architecture”, which will enhance the volume of the resulting styling.
  4. Fix with hairspray.
Long Bob for fine hair © Instagram @sabahairparramatta

Feminine styling with light waves

This styling can be done with a regular iron or curling iron. The beauty is that it is done as quickly as possible!

How to do:

  1. Apply a thermal spray to washed and dried hair to help protect it during curling. We recommend using a styling product with thermal protection, this will help keep the styling intact throughout the day.
  2. Divide your hair into fairly large strands. Alternately wind them as if diagonally, so that the strand makes only a few turns for the entire length of the curling iron or ironing iron.
  3. Comb gently or style with your fingers.
Long bob with waves © Instagram @samantha_johns0n_, @robertwallaceprofissional , @haarwerkmunchen

Hollywood style – romantic curls

A bob can look extraordinarily feminine if you turn straight curls into soft curls. On a date – that’s it!

How to do:

  1. On washed and dried hair, apply a styling product with thermal protection to maintain styling for a long time.
  2. Divide your hair into strands of the desired size. Roll onto the curling iron, forming curls with the desired curl frequency.
  3. Style the curls with your fingers without combing them. Additionally, fix the styling with hairspray.
Long bob with curls © Instagram @theelza_perdizes

Styling with papillots

You can also use curlers of the desired diameter.

How to do:

  1. Apply heat protectant to wet hair. Divide them into small curls and wind them into curlers (or curlers) along the entire length.
  2. Dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer. It will take longer than the usual drying of the head.
  3. Remove the curls from the papillots.
  4. If you want to get the effect of wet hair, use the appropriate styling product.
Long bob with small curls © Instagram @luhmello.cachos

Long bob: coloring options

Of course, you can dye your hair one shade. However, bright colors and unexpected solutions are at the peak of fashion now. So…

… at a minimum, refer to balayage , highlighting and other options for highlighting the strands to give the hairstyle additional volume and structure

Long bob - color options © Instagram @hellobalayage , @chavezsalon , @marcosguimaraes_82 , @jozianeradiot

…create color accents

Long bob with color accents © Instagram @der_friseur_korbach , @oliviadavis.hair , @hairstylistkatja , @thesecrethalo

… select strands from the face

Long bob with colored strands at the face © Instagram @sugarskullsbysarah

… emphasize the ends to draw the maximum attention of others to the perfect cut

Long bob with dyed ends © Instagram @hairby_suti , @studiofreitas_lisoperfeito , @annekristinhair

…and just be bright and sunny, because there is a gloomy autumn and a cold winter ahead!


© Instagram @namastheresa , @juliosolary , Wikimedia