Lolita published a film about her daughter

Lolita published a film about her daughter

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Lolita Milyavskaya with her daughter Eva

Lolita Milyavskaya rarely exposes her daughter’s life to the public, but this time she decided to make an exception, yielding to the requests of the fans.

The video, consisting of photographs of 18-year-old Eva, did not leave indifferent fans of the artist.

The film turned out to be incredibly touching and tender. It includes photographs from the personal archive (reportage shooting from a fashion show, pictures from travels and other memorable events). And the photo selection is accompanied by Lolita’s song “You are my sea.” These three words permeate the video, giving you goosebumps and allowing you to fully experience the depth of maternal feelings.

A mother’s love can work wonders. And the story of Eve confirms this. The singer’s daughter was born prematurely, weighing just over a kilogram. And now this baby is entering the Warsaw Institute at the Faculty of Philology. The choice of specialty is due to the girl’s penchant for languages, as Lolita explained in one of the comments to the video.

I am grateful for the support of the media and Channel 1 “Vremya” program including .. But, dear journalists, you should check the information regarding family members! In particular, mine! My daughter has never had autism! the moron posted Her name on the site of children with this disease.Probably this happened because of the “scribblers”, giving interviews to whom, when Evochka was little, I told how some “doctors”, wanting to cheat on money, tried to diagnose us. One of the great Russian scientists, Professor Andrei Sergeevich Petrukhin, an autism specialist, gave his opinion many years ago, and this spring, having met us on vacation, he once again confirmed that he was surprised to see Eva on these lists! all the others who in recent days reported this dregs in reports and articles.

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The girl admires her sincerity and spontaneity, which is a rarity today. And he also sings, though in French:

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