Liza Galkina charges everyone with positive

Liza Galkina charges everyone with positive

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Liza Galkina at the age of 4 is already a real Instagram star! Of course, thanks to the active participation of their famous parents. After all, they, and especially Maxim Galkin , almost daily share positive photos and videos of their daughter on their blogs. One of the latest publications was with a call to have a good weekend:

Lisa and I wish you a happy weekend and a sunny mood!

Such a positive attitude of Lisa and Maxim left few people indifferent: the photo collected almost 400 thousand likes and more than 3 thousand comments.

What a lovely girl you have, just a miracle.

Max, take care of your wonderful family! You’re doing fine!

How awesome are you both! Sea of optimism, good mood! Maxim, and it is your merit that you pay so much attention to children. In many families, this is not even close.

Have a great holiday for all your friendly family!

By the way, many commentators noted that little Lisa looks more like a dad. Do you agree with them?

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Photo: Instagram