Like fish in water: Maxim Galkin shared a video of family swimming

Like fish in water: Maxim Galkin shared a video of family swimming

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Maksim Galkin

Summer has already begun, and many are busy planning vacations. However, it can be difficult for celebrities to find time for relaxation in their tour schedule. But Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin , as soon as they completed their tours, they immediately went to the sea to spend time with their children!

The dad of the twins shared on his Instagram the moments of their family vacation. In the video, a happy father enjoys bathing with children in the pool, throwing them into the water. Bathing together seems to be one of the family’s favorite pastimes. Children joyfully splash and laugh with their dad, enjoying the summer holidays.

It is worth noting that four-year-old Harry and Lisa are excellent on the water and dive! However, this is not surprising, because they have been swimming almost from birth, and also swim at home all year round, in their own pool.

Where exactly the star family is resting is unknown, but fans believe that their choice fell on Cyprus, where Alla and Maxim have their own property. A few years ago, the couple bought a large apartment in Limassol near the sea, and also received citizenship this spring.

This publication literally made a splash and gained almost one and a half million views! Apparently, Internet users and subscribers of Maxim Galkin are happy to follow the life of a star family, especially their children:

“Maxim, thank you for the positive! I always enjoy watching your videos! And be happy!”

“The level of tenderness from this video rolls over, and the ending is generally above all praise!”

“Maxim is a wonderful dad! The kids are just adorable! Where is our beloved Alla Borisovna?

“How happy!!! Children are sunshine! Happiness to your family!!!! Maxim and Alla – you are cool parents and wonderful, talented people!!!!! I love you very much!”

“You have the most beautiful children! Lisa is like a porcelain doll. Health to you and more of such videos to us “

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