Life hacks for travelers with kids

Life hacks for travelers with kids

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Traveling with children

We have put together a selection of valuable tips for you about situations that can make your family vacation difficult. No complexities or absurdities – simple ingenuity and experience to avoid possible difficulties on the trip, which, admittedly, await travelers at every turn, especially if there are small children in their company.

Fees and Baggage Packing

The main task in this case is compactness and respect for things. This is what we are guided by.

  1. Use shoes as a case for clothes, accessories, fragile items (glasses, watches, etc.) By the way, putting underwear or socks / tights in shoes or sandals that can be distributed along the entire length of the pair will prevent creases and deformation of shoes.
  2. Instead of stacking clothes, roll them into rolls: this significantly reduces the amount of luggage, and the clothes themselves hardly wrinkle.
  3. Lay belts, wires along the walls of the suitcase: when folded and twisted, they take up too much space.
  4. Rolled up clothes are VERY CONVENIENT to put in bags left over from disposable diapers. (It is more convenient to use packages opened in length rather than in width). After packing your things, roll up the bag tightly and press down on it from above, blowing out the air from the inside. Great replacement for a travel compression bag!
  5. Place anti-static wipes at the bottom of your suitcase to keep your clothes fresher during transit.
  6. A pillbox is the best container for jewelry.
  7. To prevent spills in your luggage, unscrew the caps from the bottles and bottles that you decide to take with you, cover the holes with cling film and screw them on again.
  8. When completing a travel first-aid kit, take the drug without a box – only a blister and instructions to save space. Try to replace liquid medicines with powders, capsules or tablets whenever possible so that nothing breaks or spills along the way and can be taken in hand luggage if necessary.
  9. Would you like your luggage to be handled with care? Stick a “fragile” label on your suitcase (even if it’s not there). Baggage marked in this way is often placed on top of the rest and, therefore, is the first to leave for delivery.


The current time of crisis is not a reason for sadness, but an opportunity to gain new knowledge and saving skills. Simple “tricks” will help you protect the family budget from unnecessary spending.

  1. Wrapping bags and suitcases that you check in as luggage at airports is an expensive pleasure. Don’t waste your money – use regular cling film and wrap your luggage yourself. You can also use a garbage bag (rolls of such bags are sold in supermarkets). It is better to use one that is designed for a larger number of liters – it will be denser and larger. Put the suitcase in a bag and wrap it with tape – you get a tight and reliable package.
  2. Buy round trip tickets, it’s always cheaper than one way tickets.
  3. Tuesday after 15:00 is the time when major airlines usually give discounts on their services in order to compete with budget companies. When purchasing tickets, keep this in mind.
  4. Change currency at ATMs: they offer better rates than currency exchange offices, especially at airports.
  5. It is better to track airline offers on the websites of online travel services: there is always the opportunity to compare prices, filter out interesting offers with discounts and “catch” promotions.
  6. Are you looking for accommodation in a holiday destination on your own? Don’t be afraid to stay out of the city center. This is especially true for Europe. Getting to the center is usually easy, and you will have the opportunity to eat and shop without tourist markups.
  7. Put your smartphone into airplane mode while traveling to save battery and allow it to charge faster.


Anything can happen on the road. Often something is lost, forgotten, confused … In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, “just in case a firefighter” should take some precautions.

  1. Before checking in your luggage, take a picture of it! In case of loss, it will be found faster by photograph than by description.
  2. Scan all important documents and put them in your mail. In case of loss, you will be able to find the information you need on your smartphone or tablet, as well as download and print copies.
  3. In order not to confuse and not take someone else’s suitcase instead of your own (which often happens on the baggage carousel at the airport), use adhesive tape to stick a square (circle, triangle, etc.) cut out of colored paper on your luggage.
  4. Travel with your extension cord and socket adapter! These devices will come in handy more than once – both at the airport and in the hotel room. After all, the number, location and type of outlets is an unpredictable thing.
  5. In order not to look for and lay out all the small things (wallet, keys, phones) at each screening at the airport, place them in your travel bag in advance. So you will know where everything is, and save time.
  6. Nervous during turbulence? Choose seats near the wing of the aircraft – this area of u200bu200bthe cabin is the least prone to shaking during the flight.
  7. Forgot your phone or tablet charger at home? No panic! Devices can be recharged via the in-room TV’s USB port. Also, look for a box of forgotten chargers at the reception – tourists tend to forget such things, and hotel employees prudently collect them.
  8. Put in your hand luggage an anti-poison agent ( Filtrum ), an anti-sickness drug and a pain reliever. On the road, as you know, anything can happen.


Traveling with children is not the same thing as traveling as a couple. Little tourists constantly require attention from their parents, who already have enough organizational tasks on the road. Play, feed, change clothes, make a quick “march” in the right direction, or vice versa – achieve “stagnation” while waiting … Below are a number of tips that will help solve such problems.

  1. Try to plan your flight (trip) at night – it’s easier to put the kids to bed and you won’t need to entertain them all the way. Try to sleep yourself at this time, otherwise by the time the kids wake up and start demanding attention, you will already be tired and irritated.
  2. Do you have two children and both parents are going on vacation? Use the opportunity to check in in advance on board the aircraft (online check-in opens 24 hours before take-off) and take seats on a 2 + 2 basis, not 3 + 1. In this case, each child will have a window seat, and each parent will be engaged in one toddler (rather than one busy with two, and the other relaxing).
  3. If you are traveling with children, you will definitely need a “treasure bag” – a small bag filled with various small interesting things. Notepad, stickers, wax crayons, laces, ropes, buttons, pebbles, beans, small cars, soap bubbles – with similar items you can come up with many exciting games that can keep children busy for a long time on the road.
  4. A tablet or netbook with downloaded cartoons – you won’t find a more faithful assistant for a traveling parent!
  5. Take a scarf with you (silk, linen, cotton, synthetics) – it will come in handy to cover the child, dry him, use him folded as a pillow, etc.
  6. The child is tired on the road, wants to sleep, has played too much in the waiting room or refuses to walk to the sea? A stroller-cane or a slingo-backpack will help – indispensable attributes of a family vacation.
  7. Children, sometimes, very inopportunely begin to ask to go to the toilet. In order not to be nervous before boarding a plane or wondering where to stop on the highway, take an empty plastic bottle (0.5-1 l) from under the water with a tightly screw cap. It will easily replace your airtight travel pot, which, firstly, is not cheap, and secondly, does not eliminate the need to get rid of the contents.

Apply the above “tricks and tricks” – and enjoy a truly easy and economical vacation!

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