Life hack: how to read aloud to children and save your time

Life hack: how to read aloud to children and save your time

24.05.2022 0 By admin

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Reading aloud to children is great! Kids get used to a great habit, gain new knowledge, expand their horizons and have a great time. Everything would be fine, only mom needs to be in time and do a lot of household chores.

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We offer a great way to help you combine all the tasks: dictate your baby’s favorite fairy tales and poems to the voice recorder in your phone. If the baby is still small, help him turn on the desired audio file. An older child will cope with this task on his own.

Someone will say: “Why such difficulties?” After all, you can include adio fairy tales for your child … Of course, you can. But when a fairy tale sounds in the mother’s voice, with her intonations, this is a completely different matter.

And the life hack is great for those kids who don’t see dad for most of the day (when he is at work or often on business trips). Dad can also recite fairy tales for his children, and then they will sound like their father’s own voice.

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