Life hack: how to feed an unwilling and small child

Life hack: how to feed an unwilling and small child

24.05.2022 0 By admin

the child eats little

To convince the baby to eat porridge, soup or cottage cheese, many mothers practically arrange dances with tambourines. Everything is used: talking teeth, “a spoon for dad and all other relatives” and cartoons.

There is a way to help feed a capricious baby: use the life hack of creative mothers – serve food in silicone ice molds with interesting figures: cars, bear cubs, grapes, hearts… The choice of such forms is huge. They differ not only in variations on the theme of images, but also in size, so you can choose from miniature forms, as well as those that are larger.

Arrange pieces of fruits and vegetables in molds. If the child eats cottage cheese, decorate each recess with a piece of apple, pear, raspberry, currant. Molds are also suitable for second courses – put potatoes, corn, peas, pieces of meat or chicken in them.

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Turn the traditional serving of dishes into an unusual one. Checked: even the most capricious little ones will eat everything with pleasure.

What are your favorite ways to feed your baby? We share tips!

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