Life hack: how to draw so that the table stays clean

Life hack: how to draw so that the table stays clean

24.05.2022 0 By admin

To paint a picture, a child needs brushes, paints and children’s imagination. It would be nice to add accuracy, but with it everything is not easy for children. Moms have to come up with a lot of tricks to save the nearby space from paint.

Someone lays an oilcloth or newspaper on the table, tightens it with cling film …

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There are even those who put children in the bathroom so as not to scrub the apartment from the paint!

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However, there is a way to paint an unusual picture – and at the same time not dirty the table. See the video for how it works:

Replace the pad for the construction set with a film with pimples – and you can get to work! And when the picture is ready, all that remains is to wash the film. The table is clean, and the additional “tool” for drawing is ready for new masterpieces!

By the way, a film with pimples can also be used for drawings with stamps:

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What unusual ways to draw do you know?

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