Learning is Light: 10 Facts About Prince George's School

Learning is Light: 10 Facts About Prince George's School

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Prince George’s new school year begins on September 6th. What awaits a student of a prestigious private school and with what other celebrities does Kate Middleton ‘s firstborn attend classes?

Knowledge is priceless!

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The young prince began school at the age of four. Kate Middleton’s first child is a student at Thomas’s Battersea Private School in southwest London. Note that in the UK, children attend kindergarten until the age of 4-5, then go to primary school. The cost of training the prince is 18 thousand pounds per year (1,500 million rubles).

Everyone dances!

Prince George is taking ballet lessons © schoolofalbertaballet

According to the British media, at the school where Prince George studies, active extracurricular activities are provided. And there is special, increased attention to choreography lessons at school. For two years, children master the art of dancing, and then take exams at the Royal Academy of Dance. The training course program consists of three dance disciplines:

  • ballet is the foundation and most important part of the curriculum;
  • free dance – a mix course that incorporates movements from many popular dance styles, including jazz and contemporary;
  • character dance – a theatrical presentation of a national dance using original ethnic music. In three styles: Hungarian, Russian and Polish, chosen for their historical significance in the development of classical ballet in the 19th century.

Schedule changes

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Having become a class older, Prince George will study history, geography, master calligraphy and learn how to draw. There is a place in the curriculum for the study of the Bible. It should be noted that Thomas’s Battersea School pays special attention to information technologies. Therefore, Prince George will begin to master the basics of computer literacy: working with text and applications.

In a healthy body healthy mind!

Particular attention is paid to physical education in school. Students will participate in team and individual competitions.

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Lessons on a delicate topic

Prince George’s school schedule includes PSHE (Health Education) classes, which deal with the topic of sexual education and are mandatory – as part of the national curriculum in England.

Now at home: one study

This year, not only the boy’s school curriculum has changed, but homework has also been added.

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Bon appetit!

What students are fed : turkey and ham pie, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, potatoes. For fans of fish dishes, chefs prepare mackerel with lentils. There is also a vegetarian menu: chickpeas, spinach and sweet potato curry.

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Children love sweets, so desserts include Portuguese tart, fresh fruit, oatmeal and raisin cookies served with a banana milkshake or tropical fruit smoothie.

Parlay vu france?

Kate Middleton and Prince William chose Thomas’s Battersea, a private school for their son, for the reason that its curriculum provides for the study of French language and art.

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The right to privacy is important

The Cambridges have decided not to share Prince George’s school photos this year. Recall that last year there were official photos on this topic. The reluctance to demonstrate the school life of the first-born Kate Middleton is due to the fact that the spouses consider this a private history of their family. After all, as you know, the eminent parents of the boy are trying to protect him from the increased attention of the press.

Two royals in one class

In the same class as Prince George, his relative, Maud Windsor , is studying. The girl’s father is a second cousin of Prince Charles .

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