Ksenia Sobchak answered everyone who suspects her of pregnancy

Ksenia Sobchak answered everyone who suspects her of pregnancy

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak carefully monitors her figure and health: the TV presenter practices yoga, chooses only the right diet. But even she sometimes loses in the fight against extra pounds. On her Instagram, Sobchak talked about how she gets in shape.

In a week, from a person who is endlessly suspected of pregnancy, you turn into a ruddy and thin nymph, writes Sobchak.

And she tells what procedures she undergoes: droppers with multivitamins and iron, pressure therapy, a cryosauna, a pressure chamber for oxygen enrichment, massage and anti-cellulite nitrogen injections.

At the same time, Ksenia Sobchak admits that some procedures are very painful, but for the sake of the result, you can endure.

Meanwhile, yesterday Ksenia Sobchak and Polina Gagarina posted photos in identical dresses on their accounts. Polina emphasized her waist with a thin strap, and Ksenia not only did without a belt, but also covered her stomach with her hand and purse.

Are you ready to endure pain for the sake of beauty? Write about your ways of maintaining harmony and youth.

Photo: Instagram