Keratin hair straightening: how they do it, the pros and cons

Keratin hair straightening: how they do it, the pros and cons

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One of the popular ways to quickly restore damaged curls is keratin hair straightening . Thanks to the procedure, the hair scales are filled with a protein-keratin mixture, which makes the curls revitalized, smooth and shiny. However, keratinization is not suitable for every woman. In addition to the advantages, it has a number of disadvantages.

How is keratinization done?

The essence of the procedure is to apply a keratin mixture to the curls and straighten them with an iron heated to 230 degrees. Due to high temperatures, keratin penetrates deep into the curls, glues their damaged scales. Keratin hair straightening is designed not so much for alignment, but for maximum nutrition and healing of curls.

keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening makes curls smooth and shiny

The protein-keratin mixture is close in composition to the structure of the hair, fills it from the inside, restores. It is impossible to achieve such an effect with masks and balms containing keratin, since it penetrates deep into the hair only when heated.

How long does the effect of the procedure last?

Compared to the usual alignment of curls with an iron or hair dryer, keratinization produces a long-term effect. Depending on the structure of the hair, its structure and the degree of damage, the effect of the procedure lasts for 1-4 months. During this time, the curls do not fluff, remain smooth and silky, do not require additional styling.

What are the pros and cons of keratinization

The benefits of this procedure are immediately noticeable:

  • curls become straight and obedient, stop fluffing, do not require additional styling;
  • the hair structure is strengthened by filling them with a protein-keratin mixture;
  • the effect of keratinization remains for a long time, the hair retains shine and silkiness for several months;
  • a protective film is formed on the curls, which reduces the adverse effects of external factors.

Masters conducting keratinization usually talk exclusively about its benefits. However, reviews on the Internet point to the following shortcomings:

  • Most keratin formulations contain formaldehyde, a toxic substance that can accumulate in the body. In order not to get poisoned, the master and the client must wear a respirator, ventilate the room well during the procedure.
  • As a result of filling the curls with keratin, they become heavier, which reduces their volume.
  • After the procedure, the curls get dirty faster, you have to wash your head more often.
  • Some hair, especially porous in structure, brighten by 1-2 tones after keratinization.
  • Due to the weight, hair loss is possible.

But, despite the shortcomings, keratinization is one of the most popular ways to smooth hair because of the quick effect that lasts for a long time.

Stages of keratin hair straightening

The procedure takes approximately 2.5–3 hours and consists of the following steps:

  1. The hair is thoroughly washed with a deep cleansing shampoo 2-3 times. They do this in order to wash off the protective layer of fat, open the hair scales for better penetration of the keratin mixture.
  2. After that, the strands are dried with a hairdryer, but not completely, leaving them 10–20% wet.
  3. Departing from the roots by 1–1.5 cm, the protein-keratin composition is evenly applied to the strands along the entire length, left to absorb for 15–20 minutes. Then re-dry the curls with a hair dryer.
  4. The strands are straightened with an iron, preheated to 230 degrees. At lower temperatures, the scales will not seal and the procedure will be useless.


Consequences of improper straightening – hair loss, formaldehyde poisoning

It is not recommended to carry out keratinization on your own at home – errors in the procedure will harm not only hair, but also health. The main difficulty of the technique is to distribute the keratin evenly throughout the hair, the areas of the hair not covered with the mixture at high temperatures become very overheated and cannot be restored.

Hair care after the procedure

After keratinization, you will have to adhere to the following restrictions:

  • do not wash your hair for 3 days;
  • three days do not lay curls, do not use hairpins, hair ties, a hoop;
  • refuse staining in the next half a month;
  • do not use masks, balms and shampoos containing sulfates, the consequences of this are the disappearance of the leveling effect.

With each coloring of curls, keratin will gradually leave the strands, therefore, the less exposure to paint for the entire time after the procedure, the better.

Keratin straightening is suitable for any type of curls, making them glossy, smooth, lively. However, this procedure is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people with allergies, asthma, cancer.


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