Kate Middleton supports Meghan Markle in her family drama

Kate Middleton supports Meghan Markle in her family drama

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Relatives of Meghan Markle are actively giving interviews about the difficult relationship with their famous daughter, sister and cousin. And with each new article in the tabloids, the Duchess of Sussex finds it more and more difficult to smile at her fans – too much negativity is pouring in.

Recall that Meghan’s father, Thomas Markle , asks his daughter to come, as he suffers from heart disease. And he accuses her of ignoring his calls. The sister blames the duchess for the worsening of her father’s well-being. And the cousin even said that Meghan Markle will face the sad fate of Princess Diana .

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These days, Prince Harry ‘s wife is actively supported by Kate Middleton . The Duchess of Cambridge experienced all the hardships of the increased attention of the press, including the yellow one. Therefore, a mother of many children communicates with Meghan Markle daily by phone, and once a week, the chosen ones of the princes spend time drinking tea.

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We hope that the difficult period in the life of Meghan Markle will end in the near future and the wife of Prince Harry will please her fans with the news of her pregnancy.

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