Kate Middleton is a breastfeeding mom?

Kate Middleton is a breastfeeding mom?

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Is Kate Middleton breastfeeding?

There are many things going on in the life of the royal family. Kate Middleton and Prince William often appear in public with their older children, leaving their youngest son Louis, who was born on April 23 this year, at home. This causes a lot of rumors and questions about whether the Duchess is breastfeeding her son, who is not yet two months old?

Recently, Kate Middleton became a mother for the third time, but she never officially announced that she was breastfeeding her older children and whether she plans to do this with her third son, but she hinted at it in the past.

When their first son George was born, it became known from sources close to the royal family that the Duchess supported breastfeeding:

“To be fair, Prince George has a healthy appetite. There were some difficulties at first, but after some help from the midwife, they quickly got the process up and running. As far as I can tell, Kate is very relaxed and George is like any other little kid.”

In addition, at that time, Katherine wore dresses for nursing mothers, which was confirmed by the owner of one brand that produces clothes for new mothers.

Breastfeeding is one of the traditions in the royal family: both Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana fed their children after giving birth.

Some even believe that it was breastfeeding that helped Prince William’s wife get back into shape so quickly after the third birth: lactation takes a lot of energy, which helps to lose the kilograms gained during pregnancy. However, many, considering the slender figure of Kate Middleton in the pictures in the press, consider her bust size to be the opposite.

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Be that as it may, everyone has already made sure that the Duchess of Cambridge has a well-developed maternal instinct . Even from the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, she left pretty quickly so as not to leave the baby for a long time. But now the mother of many children spends more and more time at various events and with older children, leaving baby Louis with a nanny. This gives many a reason to think that she has already “turned off” breastfeeding.

What do you think: is Kate breastfeeding the baby or not?

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