Kate Middleton helps Jolie solve family problems with Brad Pitt

Kate Middleton helps Jolie solve family problems with Brad Pitt

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The wife of Prince William and Angelina Jolie have friendly relations. Their acquaintance took place in 2015, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted the acting couple, Jolie and Pitt, in the palace. It is assumed that Kate Middleton and the Oscar-winning actress were united by common views on charity and family values.

However, since then the situation in the family of the Hollywood couple has changed dramatically. Due to disagreements, the spouses to this day cannot resolve the issue of custody of the children. And, as some British media write, Angelina Jolie volunteered to help the wife of Prince William in this matter.

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Moreover, there is the possibility of a personal meeting with the actress, who has recently become a frequent guest in London. In June , the Queen honored Jolie with an audience. Then the actress attended a solemn service in St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was held in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Order of Saints Michael and George. Recall that she bears the title of Lady of the Order – for active humanitarian work.

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And another reason to visit the UK is the shooting of the continuation of the film “Maleficent”.

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According to the International Business Times, the Duchess of Cambridge expressed her hope that Jolie will be able to find an opportunity for reconciliation with her husband, with whom she is currently in the process of divorce. This happened after a confidential conversation in which the performer of the role of Maleficent admitted that her family is going through difficult times.

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Do you think Kate Middleton will be able to convince Angelina Jolie to give her relationship with Brad Pitt a chance to live again as a big friendly family?

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