John Travolta: who dances the best?!

John Travolta: who dances the best?!

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John Travolta loves to dance! After all, for the sake of dancing, the Hollywood actor at one time even left school. And he didn’t do it in vain!

The role of a dancer in the film “Saturday Night Fever” brought John not only worldwide fame, but also his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

In the film “Grease” Travolta again performed incendiary dances

However, there were sad moments in John’s life, but even then the dance helped him. The actor’s problems began after the loss of his beloved woman and mother. In a difficult period, he became addicted to alcohol. Hollywood does not like the weak and many have stopped communicating with Travolta.

When literally everyone turned away from the actor, Princess Diana unexpectedly came to visit him.

When she came to America, the only thing that interested her was my person. Our joint photo, where we dance the waltz, was on the covers of newspapers and magazines around the world. So she fulfilled her dream to dance with me, and thus gave me a second life.

The father of two is not averse to dancing with his beloved wife Kelly Preston . Here is a shot from the new film The Life and Death of John Gotti , where the couple starred together.

And, of course, do not forget the legendary dance of John Travolta and Uma Thurman from the movie Pulp Fiction . By the way, this dance is considered the most popular number of the 20th century.

Tell me, do your dads and husbands like to dance?

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