Jamie Oliver celebrates 18 years of marriage!

Jamie Oliver celebrates 18 years of marriage!

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Jamie Oliver wedding

The popular favorite, star chef, TV presenter and father of five children celebrated the 18th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife Juliet Norton (Jules), whom he met back in 1993, when they were both eighteen years old. And since then they have not parted.

Perhaps the reason for their strong union is the right family upbringing, or how many difficulties they had to overcome in order to have a large family. Or maybe their meeting was predetermined by the stars. Surprising fact: Jamie and Jules (as Oliver lovingly calls his wife) were born on the same day: May 27, 1975. Only the future famous chef grew up in the small village of Claverins, and his wife grew up in Primrose Hill, one of the richest areas of London.

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At the time of their acquaintance, both of them had already taken the first steps in their careers: Jules was actively filming for fashion magazines, and Jamie graduated from Westminster Catering College and managed to work in France.

After that, his unprecedented show “Naked Chef” happened, books, large advertising contracts. So in 2000, when their wedding took place, Oliver was considered one of the richest chefs on the planet.

“It was a small private wedding and all my dear chef friends got together to cook for us…,” the star chef later said.

However, Jamie was a little cunning: although the ceremony was “for their own” and took place in the chapel of All Saints in Rickling Green, Essex, many quite famous people in the UK were noticed at it. Jamie was wearing a blue Paul Smith suit, and Jules truly dazzled with her fitted dress, complete with veil and bridal tiara.

Jamie Oliver wedding

Subsequently, the couple bought a house for themselves in Jamie’s native village – Clavering, Essex, where the Oliver family spends most of the time while the star dad and husband earn “on bread”.

Jules and Jamie have five children: daughters Poppy Honey (March 2002), Daisy Boo (April 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow (April 2009) and sons Buddy (September 2010) and River Rocket (August 2016).

With a diagnosis that was made by Jules at the very beginning of their family life with Jamie ( polycystic ovaries , it is also called Stein-Leventhal syndrome), this is a real miracle and a feat on the part of the wife of a TV chef and restaurateur. The first daughters were born with the help of IVF, but for a long time Jules was treated for infertility. She gave birth to her youngest son at 41.

In 2005, she even put her difficult path to motherhood on paper: she wrote the book Minus Nine to One: The Diary of an Honest Mum.

This very candid book appealed to both readers and critics: in it, Jules reveals the details of family life and her struggle for the right to be a mother. For example, he talks about Jamie traveling around London on his scooter at incredible speed in order to deliver his sperm bank as quickly as possible to Hammersmith Hospital, where a couple was observed.

Now this is history, not only the first two girls were born, but also three more babies, including the two long-awaited heirs that Jamie so dreamed of.

The press often discussed the problems of a couple who are “allegedly on the verge of a divorce” and the fact that Jules sacrificed her modeling career by becoming a mother and wife and locking herself in the countryside.

However, Jules herself is happy, in her interviews she says that she would not want a different life for herself and did not even dream that she would find such a husband:

“This is going to sound old fashioned, but I think when you’re someone like Jamie, you need a wife like me. I’m in the background, just making sure the kids are in bed and everyone is happy. There is nothing I would rather do”

Moreover, it’s definitely impossible to call Jules a boring housewife: besides the fact that she is Jamie’s real rear and he owes many of his successes to his family, besides the fact that she is a mother who pays maximum attention to her children, Juliet Oliver has her own brand of children’s clothing and decor items and is the author of several bestsellers.

Happy anniversary, my soul 💘, the person I want to wake up with every morning. The man who still makes my heart skip a beat when I see his name on my phone. When I really need you you are there, when I’m afraid you comfort me and when I’m tired you make me a nice cup of coffee!!!! You do everything for us, and most of all you make me feel safe. Love you more than all these words ❤️,” Jules wrote under the “wedding post.”

However, Jamie does not remain in debt and constantly confesses his love to his wife and family in his interviews, books and programs, as well as in his microblog.

Thank you so much for being my soul mate on this most expensive roller coaster ride called life that has been so far! Thank you for being by my side, thank you for showing me things I have never seen, thank you for loving me, for being the best wife and the most fantastic mother of our 5 precious children… I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE…. Stop watching “Love Island” now and come to the garden for your anniversary gift… hurry up!!! I love Jamie.

We wish the couple further harmony, prosperity and happiness! May you live happily ever after!

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