It's hot! 12 life hacks to survive pregnancy in the summer

It's hot! 12 life hacks to survive pregnancy in the summer

24.05.2022 0 By admin

summer pregnancy

When another small heart beats under your heart, it is much more difficult to endure the heat. The heat seems to be felt in every cell of the body.

Moms-to-be on hot days…

They feel like elephants : their legs swell and their hands too. It is impossible to squeeze your feet into sandals, so beach slippers are our everything!

Expire sweat that seems to pour endlessly. And if you find yourself in a cool room, perspiration immediately appears on the skin.

They dream of living in a refrigerator , where there is no sun and heat.

They drink a lot of water and then arrange endless races to the toilet.

They dream of quickly running through each sunny area to the saving shadow, but they cannot. The “duck” gait and the baby inside are deterrents.

Hate those who do not use antiperspirant.

They hate everyone who uses perfume : “Did you pour a whole bottle on yourself?”

How to escape the heat

cool off

Let the “frozen” bra be your secret. Put it for half an hour in the refrigerator or in the freezer for a few minutes, then when putting on the linen will give the desired coolness.

Fall asleep on chilled bedding, highlighting the shelf in the refrigerator under the sheet and pillowcases.

Take water as an ally

Wear a wet bandage on your head. Use a spray with water: a couple of sprays – and you are already feeling better, moisturized skin breathes coolness.

Moisturize your skin

So that the skin does not lose moisture, after bathing, lubricate it with coconut oil.

Remove all excess

Instead of a tight prenatal bandage, wear kinesiology tape. They support the abdominal muscles just as well, but at the same time they cover a much smaller surface of the body.

Drink more liquid

Cold smoothies save from the heat, satisfy hunger and charge with vitamins. Add berries, fruits or cucumbers to the water to refresh and fill the body with useful microelements.

Freeze food

Carry frozen fruit pieces with you. And so that they do not melt, place them in a thermal mug.

Visit museums

It’s cold there. But seriously, you will have a wonderful time: cool down and get aesthetic pleasure.

Eat watermelons and cucumbers

They contain a large amount of water, which is so necessary for the body in the summer heat.


Visit the pool. Double benefit: water will give coolness, and swimming will strengthen muscles. If you can’t get a subscription, a regular home shower is at your service.

Do foot baths

In the heat, the legs swell greatly, you can help them with the help of baths with essential oils. Add a couple of drops of lavender or peppermint oil to cool water, and heaviness in the legs will be significantly reduced.

Make inserts in shorts and jeans for a growing tummy

Clothes for pregnant women

This hack will allow you to wear your favorite shorts throughout your pregnancy. Replace pockets with special fabric that stretches.

Fill your bag with items that will help you beat the heat

  • Bottle of water . It’s great if it is sour – a slice of lime or lemon will help you. And, of course, ice, which will help keep the water cool for at least an hour and a half.

  • Mint candies . In the heat, expectant mothers do not feel well, they are tormented by nausea and dizziness. But fragrant lollipops will certainly bring you into a cheerful state.

  • Fan – yes, yes, and do not laugh. Put it in your bag, and when it gets hot, fan yourself with it, not with a newspaper folded in four.

  • Wet wipes . Regularly wipe your face, arms, neck, chest with them to freshen up.

And remember: summer goes by very quickly! Capture moments in photos!

What time of year was your pregnancy?

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