It is proved: children are the flowers of life

It is proved: children are the flowers of life

24.05.2022 0 By admin

There are several opinions on the topic of who is the author of the catchphrase “Children are the flowers of life.” Maxim Gorky spoke about this in the story “Former People”: “Children are the living flowers of the earth.” A similar thought was expressed in the 19th century by Moritz Gottlieb , whose aphorisms are still heard today: “Flowers are the children of the plant kingdom, children are the flowers of the human kingdom.”

Children are tender, beautiful, filling our lives with happiness and a bright range of emotions. Why not flowers? They bloom and open like buds, recognizing and knowing this world.

This is how kids and photographers from different parts of the world see it. Therefore, today, on International Children’s Day, we have chosen the best fruits of photography .

What kind of flower should I be?

While you are thinking about what flower to be, I will collect a bouquet!

I’m not a baby, I’m a rose!

And I am a daisy!

My choice is lavender!

And who will say now that I am not a flower? We are the same color!

I will be a white flower!

Remind me what this flower, oh, that is, I, is called?

Floral charm. You agree with me?!

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