Issue price: a piece of the royal wedding cake is sold under the hammer

Issue price: a piece of the royal wedding cake is sold under the hammer

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On International Cake Day, we decided to tell the story of the wedding cakes of the most famous couples of the British royal family.

Cake of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh

A slice of the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh , who married on November 20, 1947, was one of Gorringes’ most attractive lots in 2015. He went under the hammer for 500 pounds (41,393 rubles).

The main wedding treat in 1947 was a majestic cake weighing 300 kg and three meters high. Dried fruits are the main ingredients. Then the cake was cut into 2000 pieces.

Interestingly, the treat was recreated for the 70th wedding anniversary of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Chef Julie Walsh and her team at Bloomsbury, London’s leading culinary school, studied archival photos and the original recipe . For the preparation of the cake was spent: 27.2 kilograms of butter, 25 kilograms of sugar, 34 kilograms of flour, 660 eggs, 80 oranges and lemons, 136 kilograms of nuts and dried fruits, 13 liters of rum, 68 kilograms of marzipans and 50 kilograms of granulated sugar – for glaze. Here’s how it was (scroll through the photo):

Prince Charles and Princess Diana cake

In 2015, at an auction in Los Angeles, they sold a piece of cake that decorated the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana . He went to the collector Sam Heller, who laid out $ 1,375 for a valuable lot (77,000 rubles – at the rate of 2015).

It should be noted that the wedding cake was presented to the newlyweds by the Armed Maritime Forces of Great Britain. The cake consisted of five tiers and was hexagonal in shape. The height of the treat was about 1.5 meters, weight – just over 100 kg. The cake took 11 weeks to make.

Prince William and Kate Middton Cake

In the same 2015, they also sold a piece of the wedding cake of Kate Middleton and Prince William . The auction was held by the auction house Julien Auctions. The new owner got the treat for $ 4,160 (232,960 rubles – at the rate of 2015).

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The wedding cake of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge consisted of eight tiers. Each was decorated with cream and icing flowers. In addition to the monogram of the newlyweds “Kate and William”, the confectioners depicted on the cake plants symbolizing different parts of the United Kingdom: the rose – the emblem of England, the thistle flower – Scotland, the shamrock clover – Northern Ireland, the daffodil – Wales.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle cake

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘s wedding ceremony took place in May 2018. The newlyweds broke one of the long-standing wedding traditions and preferred a biscuit to a fruit cake, which is always baked at royal weddings. Also, the bride and groom decided not to treat the guests with a multi-tiered cake, but limited themselves to a dessert, designerly located on the dishes.

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The wedding cake was a lemon biscuit with icing and decorations in the form of live peonies and roses. For its manufacture, confectioners used 200 lemons, 500 eggs, 200 kilograms of butter, 20 kilograms of flour, 20 kilograms of sugar, 10 bottles of syrup.

Since the couple recently got married, the cake was not put up for auction.

What did your wedding cake look like?

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