Is Timati's daughter a rising ballet star?

Is Timati's daughter a rising ballet star?

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Simona Yakovlevna is perhaps the most famous grandmother in the blogosphere. The mother of rapper Timati helps him raise his daughter Alice, paying special attention to her creative hobbies.

Now the girl is studying at a ballet camp, which is located at the Rosa Khutor resort. A loving grandmother regularly reports to her subscribers about her granddaughter’s new achievements.

The other day there was a reporting concert in which Alice took part. Despite the efforts of the young ballerina, there were those among the commentators who criticized her performance.

Simona Yakovlevna answered all the negative remarks, once again showing her wisdom:

Dear critics, I am a reasonable person. Not only that, I understand something in art, so please don’t write about Alice’s dancing abilities🙏 I see everything, but this is not a reason to cut the child’s wings! As long as she likes it, she will develop in this direction.

The proud grandmother also added:

History knows many cases when great actors, musicians, vocalists, dancers and mathematicians were not immediately recognized))) If a person has a desire, everything is subject to him!

We are adults, we are obliged to support them, and not to say: – This is not yours! Life itself puts everything in its place. I do not argue unfounded … My two adult sons grew up that way. I am absolutely sure that if tomorrow one of them wants to learn how to draw, for example, they will learn, because they know that there are no barriers if you are a plowman!

Mom Timati urges to let children choose their own hobbies, and also reminds parents not to forget to praise their children:

I see creative inclinations in Alice, so I will try to give her the opportunity to get acquainted with different types of art. It’s not violence, it’s mentoring.

The most important and difficult thing in all this pedagogy is not to slide down to comparisons with other children !!! And I repeat like a mantra: – “Even last year, Alice forgot to get up their “sleeping swan” poses! 😅🙈 But today she is already pulling her toe and holding her back. Well done my girl! You will succeed, I believe in you!!!”🙌❤️

Tell us what your kids are into? Do you support their endeavors?

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Photo and video: Instagram