Is not it too early? 'Comedy Woman' star returns to work 2.5 months after giving birth

Is not it too early? 'Comedy Woman' star returns to work 2.5 months after giving birth

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Tatyana Morozova , acting in the role of a “simple Russian woman”, did not stay long on parental leave. Recall that on May 25 she gave birth to a son, whom she named Fedor. And already on August 18, the young mother returns to the stage again, and immediately on tour – her team goes to Belgorod.

A participant in a humorous show, even before giving birth, admitted that she would not stay at home because of the many interesting offers to participate in performances and other projects. Recall that Tatyana Morozova went on her short maternity leave late – at the eighth month. The Comedy Woman actress dedicated an entertaining post to the topic of their decree release on her personal blog:

When to go to work? Every woman knows when to go to work. True, sometimes there are signs that the mother stayed on maternity leave.

1. You don’t remember where you work. 😱

2. You know by heart all of Chukovsky and Marshak, remember the names of all Smeshariki and Fixiki, but you completely forgot the names of your former colleagues.🤔

3. You eat right: in the morning – porridge or boiled eggs, for lunch – soup, for dinner … dinner 🍽😋

4. In clothing stores, you first go to the children’s departments, and then … home. And you are not offended, on the contrary – you like it! 🤪

5. Discounts on diapers please more than the opportunity to buy new shoes for yourself at a seasonal sale 🛍

6. People who don’t have children stop being interesting conversationalists for you…😕

7. You are calm as a boa constrictor. Even if you haven’t seen this before. You are not annoyed by loud noises, clutter, other people’s stubbornness, frankly stupid actions and ridiculous mistakes. Naturally, after all, you have a tambourine, a drum, two continuously ringing toy phones, a singing pyramid, constantly scattered toys and a noisy, stubborn, but very beloved child at home.

And what do you think ? How long should a mom be on maternity leave?

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As it turned out, Morozova’s fans called the period from one and a half years to … infinity. And they really worry about baby Fedor, whom his mother will transfer so early to the care of grandmothers. However, it is not known whether the youngest son of the star will go on tour with his mother.

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How long do you think a mother should be on maternity leave?

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