Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom – the likelihood of conception

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom – the likelihood of conception

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Can you get pregnant while having sex with a condom? This question is asked by many young couples on various search portals. Initially it was assumed that the use of a condom would help to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but practice shows that it does not provide 100% protection.
can you get pregnant with a condom
Can you get pregnant while having sex with a condom?

Proper use of a condom is not a guarantee that you will not soon become parents. This protective equipment has certain dimensions that should be taken into account. Excessive friction or stretching of the “gum” leads to the formation of microcracks through which sperm can enter the vagina and reach the uterus. The probability of conception in this case is quite high.

How to choose and store condoms correctly

A high-quality contraceptive should be convenient and comfortable for both sexual partners: strong enough and reliable. The condom must be:

  • Moderately thin. Too thin is more likely to tear, and too thick – sensitivity is lost. Modern condoms are quite dense, while they are equipped with additional types of stimulation in the form of points, grooves, ribs, spiral shape, etc.
  • Comfortable in terms of length and width. Many representatives of the stronger sex are more likely to focus on the length of the penis, not paying attention to the width, which, if chosen incorrectly, can cause significant inconvenience.

In order to choose exactly the tool that is more suitable, you need to experiment with different forms and manufacturers.

Protective equipment should be stored in places where it is not possible to tear or damage the integrity of the package. Do not store packages on highly heated surfaces.

When buying condoms, always pay attention to the expiration date of the product!

Purchase only from trusted and certified manufacturers for this product. Such funds may not have a low cost, but you will be sure of the quality of the goods.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom

Many couples stop intercourse, use chemical contraception, or douche after sex to prevent their partner from becoming pregnant. This always leaves a 1-2 percent chance of pregnancy with a whole condom.

The most reliable contraceptives are oral and intrauterine devices.

The main reasons for conception when using a condom

The main reason is poor-quality latex from which the condom is made. It does not stretch well, white stripes form. These micro-stretches open the way for sperm to enter the vagina. If the size of the penis is quite large or the woman has little natural lubrication, then the likelihood of sperm getting into the female genital organs increases.

with a whole condom
Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom

Sex using a condom will lead to pregnancy in the following cases:

  • Incorrect putting on – in connection with which the condom is used repeatedly during intercourse.
  • Extraction from the package with teeth – integrity is broken.
  • Putting on two condoms at the same time is allegedly “increased protection”.
  • Expired date.

It must be remembered that a condom is a disposable product with one sexual partner!

  • An aroused member secretes a lubricant that may contain some semen – this happens before putting on a condom during the foreplay stage, when the penis can touch or penetrate the vagina.

In order for the above situations not to happen and only the desired and planned pregnancy occurs, we take note of:

  • We always check the expiration date.
  • When using a latex product for the first time, carefully read the instructions.
  • If the condom breaks during intercourse, you should immediately pull the penis out of the vagina.
  • Always carry contraceptives with you if you are sexually active.

Sex is a pleasant and beneficial activity for health and a fulfilling life. In order not to overshadow it with unwanted thoughts and fears, it is important to correctly and consciously approach the issue of effective contraception. If a couple uses condoms, buy well-known brands only in the pharmacy chain, pay attention to sizes and expiration dates.


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