Insta mommy Kylie Jenner broke Mark Zuckerberg's record

Insta mommy Kylie Jenner broke Mark Zuckerberg's record

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Kylie Jenner became the youngest millionaire according to Forbes

Modern women entrepreneurs are increasingly using social media to promote their brands. The youngest daughter of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner , was no exception. The decision to promote her business through microblogging in 2018 led the 20-year-old girl to the list of the richest women in America according to Forbes magazine (in the ranking of the most successful women entrepreneurs).

The owner of beauty brand Kylie Cosmetics founded the company in 2016 with little to no capital or employees. Kylie has been using social media to promote her brand since the beginning. As a result, in less than 3 years, the company of half-sister Kim Kardashian is valued at $ 900 million.

Social media is a great platform for business. I always have easy access to my fans and my clients at my fingertips.

Kylie first got into the prestigious list of Forbes magazine, and so far the girl takes only 27th place. However, the enterprising girl, who will turn 21 in August, still has a long way to go. After all, she has already overtaken Mark Zuckerberg , who became a billionaire at the age of 23.

Recall that Kylie is also a young mother – the star of the reality show on February 1, 2018 had a daughter, Stormy Webster . By the way, even from this event, Jenner made a publicity stunt for her new Weather Collection, which went on sale on the last day of February.

It includes new shades of lipsticks and creamy glitter eyeshadows, eyeliner, highlighter and two eyeshadow palettes. The packages were decorated with images of lightning and clouds. Some of the product names contained the word Storm (Eye of the Storm, Calm before the Storm).

Kylie subsequently admitted that she decided to use the word “storm” in the collection as soon as she chose a name for her daughter. Thus, the famous mom released a collection in honor of her daughter Stormi, which attracted even more attention to the product and increased sales.

What can the richest 20-year-old business woman spend on? Some of Kylie’s earnings apparently go towards designer handbags. Just look at this collection!

And Jenner loves nice cars…

…and travel.

Insta-mommy does not forget about gifts and stylish things for her beloved little Stormi, with whom she spends all her free time from work.

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