Inna Malikova showed a free way to quickly lose weight

Inna Malikova showed a free way to quickly lose weight

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Fitness from Inna Malikova

41-year-old Inna Malikova is a fan of a healthy lifestyle. In the busy schedule of the singer, there is always time for a run. And even on vacation, Malikova does not forget about sports.

No, the performer does not go to the gym, but does exercises in the fresh air. And for this she does not need special shells at all – only a ladder and any surface that you can lean on.

Watch the video and do the exercises with Inna Malikova!

Exercise number 1: running up the stairs. Do it with your knees high.

Exercise number 2: climbing the stairs. Perform it by stepping over the step.

Exercise number 3: a complicated version. Step over a few steps and squat.

Exercise #4: Burpee exercise. Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, cross your arms at chest level and start squats. Your task is to sit down as low as possible. The back should remain straight.

Exercise number 5: push-ups. You can make them using a regular bench.

Exercise number 6: “mountain”. Make a plank with outstretched arms and start running in place.

Exercise number 7: swings. Get back into plank position, now on your forearms. Bend your leg at the knee, swing your legs.

Exercise number 8: leg raises. Sit on a bench, lean back a little, stretch your legs forward. Raise and lower them up and down.

Watch this video and write in the comments what exercises of Inna Malikova will you use to keep fit?

Photo and video: Instagram