Incendiary dance of Yulia Baranovskaya with her son

Incendiary dance of Yulia Baranovskaya with her son

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Yulia Baranovskaya seemed to be one of the most active fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which took place last month in Russia. After the end of the main sporting event , the TV presenter, along with her children, flew off on a long-awaited vacation in Miami. There, the famous mother with two sons and a daughter is actively resting and does not forget to share photo reports with subscribers.

Julia with her daughter Yana at breakfast.

On another day, mother and children went to look at the crocodiles.

A day later, the 33-year-old TV presenter gave her children a real surprise – a trip on a huge liner in the Caribbean.

Our house on the water for the next week.

Travelers’ first stop is the Bahamas.

Yesterday was our first stop – Nassau Bahamas 😍 We took an excursion to the Blue Lagoon. The nature is very beautiful, and what dolphins, stingrays and fur seals cannot be described in words. The children are delighted and so am I.

Julia with children: Artem (12.5), Yana (10) and Arseniy (she will be 6 years old in August).

It seems that dancing with children is a popular pastime for all parents. Especially often this happens on vacation, when everyone is relaxed and ready to have fun all day. See how Yulia Baranovskaya lights up with her son Arseny:

Do you often dance with children?

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Photo: instagram/baranovskaya_tv