In queue! We learn about the fate of the child by the time of his birth

In queue! We learn about the fate of the child by the time of his birth

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Millions of people strive to become more successful, richer, more charismatic. And few people know that nature has already laid down the genetic code, which predetermines the life path. This theory was put forward by the famous American psychologist Kevin Leman. The researcher is sure that the order of his birth has a huge impact on the fate of a person.

For example, if this is the firstborn, its distinguishing features are reliability, conscientiousness, and a penchant for analytical thinking. Middle children grow up to be excellent speakers: their strong point is the ability to negotiate, sociability and friendliness. Younger children can be recognized by their easier perception of life. If the child is the only one in the family, he is ahead of his peers in development and tends to spend more time with adults.

The result of Kevin Lehman’s research work was his book “Birth Order”: this publication won the title of world bestseller.

In fairness, it should be said that there are many opponents of this theory. Some experts believe that genetics determines the fate of the child much more than the family and the order of his birth. And that too many factors influence the formation of character and the future: family income, family size, parenting, environment. And to make a choice in favor of one that will determine the life path and success of a person is not entirely correct.

Do you believe that fate depends on the “serial number” in the family?

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