In memory of the sea: 18 pebble crafts

In memory of the sea: 18 pebble crafts

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Crafts from pebbles

Pebbles are an excellent natural material. Talented needlewomen paint it, cover it with beads and rhinestones, assemble it into panels and make unusual garden decorations. We invite you to try your hand and turn the bare stones into educational toys or interior items that remind you of summer.

Draw on rocks

Before heading to the beach with your kids, put some crayons or paints in your bag. Then collect suitable stones-pebbles. Their shape and size will prompt ideas for drawings. For example:

happy fish…

…or an entire aquarium

funny pandas

funny minions

Collect different figures from stones

This activity will captivate even the smallest children. After all, ordinary pebbles can be turned into …


small fish



…and even in the express picture

Develop a child with the help of stones-pebbles

This is a great help on vacation for games and activities with the child. See for yourself!

We play tic-tac-toe…

… developing fine motor skills …

…and children’s imagination!

Decorate the interior

And if you collect pebbles during your vacation and decide to take them home, use these ideas.

Create a panel with owls…


…and “strawberries”

“Draw” a picture of stones (scroll through the photo):

Make unusual cacti…

…or this garden decoration

Do you bring pebbles and shells from your seaside holiday?

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