I blinded him from what was: family look from Elena Kuletskaya

I blinded him from what was: family look from Elena Kuletskaya

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Elena Kuletskaya with her husband and daughter

Model and TV presenter Elena Kuletskaya shared a new photo. She and her husband Stanislav Romanovsky and daughter Nika (2) spend time outside the city, in connection with which Elena devoted an ironic publication to how to be the most fashionable in the country.

The ironic list of country wardrobe from Elena Kuletskaya is as follows:

  • sweatpants with bubble knees;
  • an ancient collection of jeans, on which you can safely defend a dissertation on the topic “the evolution of denim design” (the star has 100 pairs of low-waisted, flared models and with a “trash” color);
  • moth-eaten vest/quilted jacket/cotton crap, half-eaten by moths since the last century;
  • rubber freaks on the legs, but the most practical;
  • 10 t-shirts with infamous prints that seemed so cool in teenagers, or corporate t-shirts with the company logo.

Despite the simplicity of the photo and the lack of stylish and thoughtful outfits, the picture turned out to be very warm, and the family in it is dressed in the most real family look: identical vests, cozy sweatshirts and tenderness towards each other.

And under the photo, Elena Kuletskaya complained that she and her husband got into trouble by going to the store in this form, and felt uncomfortable in a “decent environment”. But to us, as well as to the subscribers of the model, it seems that the model is disingenuous. In the comments, most fans agreed that everyone looks like this in the country.

Recall that Elena and her husband are soon waiting for the second baby, who will make this beautiful family even happier.

And how do you dress in the country?

Photo: Instagram