Husband in childbirth: 15 impressive photos

Husband in childbirth: 15 impressive photos

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Childbirth with a husband is a rather controversial issue that causes a lot of discussion and criticism. However, now many couples who are expecting a baby decide to walk this path together to the end. And this is an absolutely incredible experience that allows future parents to become even closer. We have selected 15 touching photos that clearly prove that joint birth is amazing.

Partner births allow you to take a fresh look at family relationships.

Instagram @tatylya_94

Joint births often bring couples closer, making their relationship even stronger and more trusting.

Lisa Olschewske

The support of the husband during childbirth is very important, and his presence at such a significant moment is necessary for a woman.

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This couple has come a long way! Together they waited for their baby, worked together to ensure that he was born safely, and when they first saw him, they simply could not hold back their tears.

.KE Documentary

The mother of this girl has just given her to her father… and then a miracle literally happened! The little girl, who was less than two hours old, lifted her head to look her father in the eye. Incredibly touching!

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They say men don’t cry. But tears of happiness from meeting a long-awaited baby is a completely different matter!

Lane B Photography

While mom was in the operating room after a caesarean section, the father got acquainted with his baby in the silence of the hospital ward, waiting for his wife.

Mamarazzi Photography

There are moments in life that completely change your life, making it much happier!

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Nothing compares to the feeling of holding your baby for the first time!

Mamarazzi Photography

The joy of meeting your baby for the first time!

Cat McAteer

The first acquaintance, which will be the beginning of a long and happy journey!


That priceless feeling when a baby takes his father ‘s hand for the first time…

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Unforgettable moment of the birth of a new family!

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The first meeting and the first kiss is a moment that will forever be remembered!

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And how do you feel about the presence of a husband at childbirth?

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