How to quickly remove suction marks

How to quickly remove suction marks

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What can you do if only a few hours have passed
If more than a day has passed since the formation of the bruise (hickey)

You will probably be a little upset when you find out what a “decoration” is like a hickey – just an ordinary bruise, and modern medicine does not know many quick ways to influence the size and subsequent color scheme of a bruise. A bruise (hematoma) always appears where small subcutaneous blood vessels – capillaries – are injured, and blood flows out of them under the skin. The more blood flowed out, the larger the bruise.

How to remove a hickey on the neck

What can you do if only a few hours have passed

The first thing you can do to help yourself is to constrict the blood vessels and stop blood from getting under the skin, which will make the hickey less large and brighter.

  • To do this, you need to apply something cold to the skin for 10-15 minutes, for example, ice from the freezer. The smaller the bruise, the less time it will take for it to resolve.
  • Then look in the first aid kit for an ointment or cream for bruises. But before applying, make sure that it does not contain warming components that promote blood flow to the damaged area.

You gave yourself first aid, and then try to move as little as possible. It is best to just lie down – this will prevent subsequent trauma to the vessels and additional blood ingress under the skin.

If the suction site is sore and swollen, take a painkiller tablet. But give up aspirin or ibuprofen, which have a blood-thinning effect. Otherwise, the size of the hematoma will only increase.

Among the popular fast-acting methods of relieving swelling, redness and soreness, a compress of grated raw potatoes is in the lead, which is applied for thirty minutes. However, the effectiveness of this technique can be questioned.

If more than a day has passed since the formation of the bruise (hickey)

A day after the incident, the bruise has already formed, and your main task is to remove clotted blood from under the skin as quickly as possible, that is, to increase blood flow where the hickey flaunts.

How to remove hickey in 1 day

In such a situation, the following methods will help:

  • For 10-15 minutes, apply something warm to the bruise – a heating pad or a warm bandage. Heat accelerates blood flow and, therefore, helps to quickly get rid of capillary blood that has accumulated under the skin. It is recommended to warm up a place with a bruise 5-6 times a day.
  • Before warming up, do a light massage of this place. You can massage with your hands, but be careful: with extra effort, you will get at least one more bruise.
  • Rub ointments and creams against bruises into the skin. Products containing aloe juice, vitamins C and K, arnica extract are best suited. These drugs help strengthen the walls of capillaries, regenerate tissues, relieve swelling. Recognized leaders in the fight against bruises of any etiology (including traces after kisses) are heparin-based ointments and creams. However, you should consult your doctor before using them.
  • Vitamins C and K are good to use not only as external agents, but also inside. Eat as many foods with these vitamins as possible, or use a drugstore multivitamin.
  • Cosmetic concealers will also come to the rescue: tonal creams and correctors.

As we have already seen, it is possible to accelerate the healing of “traces of passion” on the skin. But the best way to deal with hickeys is their timely prevention. No matter how strong feelings are, they are best shown in a different, less unhealthy and more socially acceptable way. The presence of deliberately left hickeys on your body does not prove the devotion of your partner, but it makes you doubt the care of his attitude towards you.



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