How to look 35 at 49: secrets of Jennifer Lopez

How to look 35 at 49: secrets of Jennifer Lopez

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There is no denying the fact that the older Jennifer Lopez gets, the better she looks. On July 24, the star celebrated her 49th birthday. The celebrity spent the holiday with family and friends on the beach in the Bahamas, demonstrating not only a magnificent figure, but also a stunning appearance. There is no doubt – the star is getting younger every year!

We decided to talk about 10 rules that help the artist to stay young, cheerful and slim.

1. Natural, organic food

Jay Lo eliminated refined foods from the diet and tries to eat more fresh vegetables and herbs. Usually her lunch consists of a vegetable salad with the addition of lean protein (she prefers salmon).

The singer most often includes her favorite vegetables broccoli, peppers or zucchini in her meals. Dinner star, as a rule, consists of protein and whole grains.

2. Lots of protein

The singer consumes protein not only when eating meat or fish, she is a lover of protein shakes. To make the drink tastier, you can add berries, yogurt and honey. According to Lopez, such drinks saturate well and help fight cravings for unhealthy snacks.

3. Healthy snacks

Jennifer is known for not sitting idle. The celebrity is constantly at rehearsals, at the shooting, at business meetings. Being in such a busy work schedule, it is difficult to constantly maintain a diet. The singer has not invented anything new: instead of sweets and unhealthy snacks (cookies or chips), she carries vegetables and fruits with her.

4. Sweet, please!

Jennifer is not afraid to sometimes allow herself some of the desserts. Her favorite treats are chocolate chip ice cream and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The birthday cake was also delicious!

5. Lots of water

As J. Lo herself admits, she has perfect skin due to the habit of drinking a lot of water.

Sorry, but it’s true! I think drinking plenty of water improves skin quality.

Looking at the star without makeup, you begin to believe this rule.

6. No alcohol, nicotine and caffeine

Lopez has long been promoting a life without addictions to bad habits. She has never smoked (singers don’t need to) and also tries to avoid alcoholic beverages. Prefers decaffeinated coffee.

What you eat and drink reflects not only on your body, but also on your skin and hair – on how you look in general.

7. Always sunscreen

Thanks only to proper nutrition, it is impossible to look so young. J. Lo believes that daily skin care with sun protection products is important for youthful skin. The singer never tans on purpose, and when she leaves the house, she always puts on sunscreen.

By the way, not only Jennifer adheres to this rule. Many of her colleagues in show business call such care one of the important points.

8. Lots and lots of sports

Jennifer Lopez spends all her free time in the gym. The star has several different coaches in every city where she most often visits (Los Angeles, New York and Miami).

For the past few years, the paparazzi caught the singer only on the way to the gym, or after training. In addition to sports, Jennifer also has regular dance rehearsals on her schedule.

“I am one hundred percent sure: sport is what makes my life better, movement is the key to happiness,” Lopez admits.

9. Cosmetic procedures

It would be dishonest to say that only water, fresh fruits and sports help J. Lo look 10 to 15 years younger. The star does not hide that she devotes a lot of time to facial skin care. Here is a small list of regular procedures that Jennifer loves:

  • Facial massage . During this procedure, blood circulation improves – it increases the flow of arterial blood and skin cells receive more nutrients and oxygen. As a result, the complexion improves, and the aging process slows down. In addition, facial massage relieves emotional stress and other consequences of stress, which also benefits the skin of the face.
  • Peeling with glycolic acid (stimulates the production of elastin and collagen). J. Lo admits that he does this procedure for a “healthy glow of the skin.”

  • Moisturizing the skin . The artist has repeatedly admitted that she loves moisturizing creams (Lopez’s favorite remedy is a day cream based on avocado and rose oils), as well as various cosmetic procedures that are aimed at super-moisturizing.
  • Cleansing . Lopez isn’t the type to go to bed without removing his make-up. An important rule that a celebrity follows is to always cleanse your skin. J. Lo washes after filming, after going out and even after every workout. It helps keep pores clear and skin healthy.

10. Lots of sleep

Not at all original advice, but it is repeated over and over again – what really works: good quality sleep.

Tip number one is to always get enough sleep. Ideally, I prefer to sleep 9-10 hours, but usually 8 hours of sleep is enough for me.

Jennifer Lopez doesn’t like the sun and sleeps a lot…is she a vampire?

And finally, one very important point, which does not depend on the place of residence, type of activity and the availability of funds: Jay Lo has come a long way to accepting herself and her body.

You may not believe it, but there was a time when the star considered herself not slim enough and did not like her wide hips. Over time, Lopez was able to love that about herself. Jennifer understood the most important thing: she is unique and beautiful, no matter how different her body is from others.

Love yourself. Stop worrying about what others think. If you love yourself and are happy, it reflects on you – this is what makes you truly beautiful.

Recall that Jennifer Lopez is the mother of two twins Emma and Max (10 years old). With the father of her children, singer Marc Anthony , the star is divorced.

At the moment, the singer is in a relationship with baseball player Alex Rodriguez . The athlete has two daughters from his first marriage: Natasha (she will be 14 in November) and Ella (10). The star couple often spends time with their children.

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