How to get rid of sagging cheeks at home

How to get rid of sagging cheeks at home

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Chubby cheeks look cute in childhood and adolescence, and for an adult they can cause a number of inconveniences. It is necessary to deal with this deficiency in a comprehensive manner, and noticeable results can be achieved in a week.

Why sagging cheeks appear

Puffy or sagging cheeks do not appear just like that – this is always preceded by one or more reasons. By identifying them, you can deal with the disadvantage much more effectively. The most difficult reason is hereditary predisposition. If it occurs, it will be very difficult to remove the cheeks, and in some cases it is impossible without surgery or beauty salon procedures.

how to remove cheeks

How to remove cheeks – a question that requires a set of actions

The most common reason is being overweight. Subcutaneous fat is deposited not only on the abdomen and thighs, but also on the face. It is he who can be the culprit of chubby cheeks. In this case, only diet and special exercises will help.

Improper nutrition can cause both weight gain and excessive weight loss. If you are underweight, your cheeks may sag, which clearly does not add to the attractiveness of your image.

How to remove cheeks in a week using an integrated approach

To get rid of this shortcoming in 7 days, you need to approach the problem in a complex way:

  • diet – elimination of cheeks with the help of weight loss. But remember that cheeks do not lose weight separately from the rest of the body, so be prepared for figure changes;
  • exercises – they do not help the cheeks to lose weight, but they perfectly tighten the muscles, and, accordingly, the cheekbones begin to stand out;
  • cosmetic and corrective actions – massage and masks cannot be the main tool in the fight for the beauty of the face, but can be used as additional activities;
  • moderate consumption of salty foods – chubby cheeks can be the result of puffiness caused by excessive consumption of salty foods.

If you are ready to follow these recommendations for a week, it’s time to start modeling the cheekbones.

Exercises that help in a short time to reduce the oval of the face

A set of exercises must be performed daily. It will not take you more than 10 minutes a day, but you will see the results after a few days. The main and most effective exercise is to push the chin as far forward as possible, throwing the lower lip over the upper one, then smile and press the tongue against the sky. In this position, you need to linger for 10-15 seconds.

The second exercise – inflate your cheeks and slowly “roll” the air either to the right or to the left cheek. The air flow should not be behind the teeth, but in front of them. Repeat these steps 10-15 times.

The third exercise also helps to get rid of fat on the chin. Close your lips and teeth, and then open your teeth, leaving your lips in their original position. Push the lower jaw forward for 10 seconds, and then return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.

During the exercise, you should not feel much discomfort. If it is present, do not continue gymnastics.

In the fourth exercise, you need to connect your fingers. Press them on your cheeks, and then try to smile. You should feel the resistance and smile through it. Stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

The last exercise is to draw in your cheeks, as if you want to show a fish. In this position, try to smile, overcoming resistance. Hold the smile for 10 seconds and repeat the exercise 10 times.

In the first 2-3 days, you may feel some discomfort due to the new habit. But it passes quickly and does not interfere with everyday life at all.

How to remove the second chin

If there is a desire and need, you can connect the complex against the second chin to the above gymnastics:

  • try to reach the tip of the nose with the tip of the tongue;
  • turn your head from shoulder to shoulder;
  • raise your head, throwing it back, and then lower it down.

Each exercise should be repeated 10-15 times – until you feel growing fatigue. This is a good remedy for the accumulation of excess fat on the chin. Together with gymnastics against chubby cheeks, it gives impressive results.

Massage at home

Daily massage with fingertips allows you to restore the tone of the cheeks, tighten the skin and make the appearance more fresh. Apply your favorite cream on your face, wait until it is slightly absorbed. With light massage movements, stroke the skin, gradually moving to patting and pinching. Make movements along the line of the cheekbones, but do not be too zealous so that there are no bruises on the face.

Do not pinch the skin too much, but the effort should be noticeable. Light touches will not give any result. Find your own pace to get the effect you want.


It is better to choose a diet together with a doctor, but there are nutritional principles that every person must follow. Eat small meals, but often – about 5-6 times a day. Completely exclude fast food, soda, smoked meats, pastries from the menu, limit the use of salt and sugar.

The last meal should take place 3-4 hours before bedtime. If you want to exacerbate the effect of the diet, try to chew your food thoroughly, using as many facial muscles as possible.

Alcoholic drinks are high in calories and can retain fluid in the body, which leads to swelling. It is better to exclude them from the diet altogether.

It is recommended to include fermented milk products in the menu – they contribute to weight loss due to the calcium content in the composition. Cottage cheese and hard cheese are best suited for these purposes.

Cosmetics and procedures

There are many gels, creams and lotions for face tightening. They should be counted only as an additional remedy – without diet and exercise, they are ineffective. Find the right makeup for your skin type and change it periodically so your skin doesn’t get used to the same routine.

at home

It is possible to remove cheeks at home

Well tones the skin daily wiping with ice cubes. Pay special attention to the cheek area. To get a more pronounced cosmetic effect, freeze not ordinary water, but herbal decoctions of chamomile, mint, linden or St. John’s wort.

It also helps to tighten the skin by alternately applying cold and hot wipes to it. In this case, you can also moisten the napkin either in pure water or in herbal infusions. The contrast stimulates blood circulation and tones not only the skin, but also the muscles.

Replenishment of water balance

Sufficient consumption of clean water improves water metabolism and improves skin tone, which makes cheekbones visible. If there is not enough water in the body, he tries to store it at any opportunity, which causes puffiness.

Drink at least 2 liters of water per day. It can be replaced with green tea without additives and sugar – it also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.

Getting rid of excess fat surgically

There is a wide range of techniques with which you can model the cheekbones. Surgery is a last resort, and it is not recommended to resort to it, because you may not like the result, but it will remain forever. In addition, an inept surgeon can leave scars – they are very noticeable on the face. If you cannot do without surgery, contact only a trusted, qualified specialist.

It is much better to use injection techniques. In particular, contour plastic has proven itself well. This is a procedure during which a cosmetologist uses a needle to inject a filler under the skin – a special preparation that models contours. The filler remains under the skin for about 1-1.5 years, and then completely dissolves.

It is better to turn to such procedures if other methods have not led to the desired result. They are a last resort.

Contour plastic is an absolutely safe procedure, but there are certain contraindications to it, which should be checked with a cosmetologist. A competent specialist will do everything as painlessly as possible and get the perfect result. The main thing is to find a good clinic.

You can remove cheeks both at home and in salon conditions. Determine the cause of their occurrence and proceed to take action. Within a week you will notice visible results.


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