How to get pregnant quickly: doctor's advice

How to get pregnant quickly: doctor's advice

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how to get pregnant fast

The onset of pregnancy is possible only in the event of ovulation ( you can calculate ovulation here ), provided that the partners do not use any contraceptives. In this article, you will find answers to questions about how to get pregnant quickly and what positions are most favorable for conceiving a child.

What affects the onset of pregnancy?

Even absolutely healthy men and women may not be able to conceive a child when they want it, since many factors influence the fertilization process.

  • Experiences and stresses – if you live in conditions of constant psycho-emotional stress and work for wear and tear, not getting enough sleep at night, then this adversely affects the process of egg maturation in a woman and sperm in a man.
  • Climate change – moving or traveling to another country can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, and ovulation will shift from the usual schedule.
  • The presence of bad habits – and this applies not only to women who smoke, drink a lot of coffee and alcohol, but also to men. As medical studies show, in a smoking man, spermatozoa are less mobile, and seminal fluid contains many modified sperm cells that are not able to fertilize an egg.
  • Nutrition – the lack of a sufficient amount of vitamins and microelements in the diet leads to a deficiency of some hormones that take part in the process of maturation of germ cells. In women, vitamin E and folic acid deficiencies lead to anovulatory cycles and difficulty conceiving.
  • Overweight – extra pounds, as well as their lack, lead to hormonal disorders, which affects the functioning of the ovaries and the ability to conceive. This also applies to men, as obese young people produce less seminal fluid, in which the spermatozoa are not sufficiently mobile.
  • Taking certain medications – pills from the group of antihistamines, painkillers and antibiotics can affect the process of maturation of the egg, delaying or suppressing ovulation.
  • Age – the older the woman, the less chance she has of pregnancy. Gynecologists believe that the most favorable age for conception and childbirth is from 18 to 24 years. Already from the age of 30, the ability to conceive, even during ovulation, decreases in a woman by more than two times.
  • The use of lubricants and various lubricants during sex – all of these drugs can impair sperm motility and reduce the chance of conception.

Not pregnant for health reasons

how to get pregnant fast

Sometimes it happens that it was possible to get pregnant with the first child from the first or second cycle, and the planning of the second baby was delayed for an indefinite period of time. Trying to get pregnant with a second child is best to start with a visit to the gynecologist’s office – tests, smears and ultrasound will assess the general health of the young mother and the readiness of her body for a new pregnancy. Several factors also play an important role:

  • how much time has passed since the first birth – the woman’s body recovers after pregnancy for three years, provided that the birth was without complications;
  • the presence of lactation – during breastfeeding, a woman’s body produces a large amount of the hormone prolactin, which suppresses ovulation;
  • the presence of chronic diseases in a woman – after childbirth and during lactation, due to a decrease in immunity, many of the fair sex exacerbate chronic infections that change the hormonal background and negatively affect the process of maturation of the egg.

If a married couple is actively sexually active without the use of contraceptives and at the same time it has not been possible to get pregnant for a year, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a series of examinations. This applies to both partners, as the diagnosis of “infertility in question” is made, which requires the diagnosis of a man and a woman.

How to get pregnant quickly for a woman?

The fertility of a woman, as well as the biological compatibility of a couple, plays an important role in conception – someone gets pregnant on the first try , while others need more than one cycle to see the cherished two strips on the test. Why it is not possible to get pregnant, even if there is no gynecological pathology, and what to do in such a situation, we will consider step by step.

  1. Frequent sex – when deciding to have a child, a married couple begins to have sex every day, and sometimes several times. Such a fanatical approach leads to the opposite effect: there are few active sperm in the seminal fluid of a man, since they do not have time to be produced, the germ cells are inactive, respectively, the chance of conception is sharply reduced. For the desired pregnancy to come, you need to simply relax and not think about whether fertilization has occurred – enjoy each other and get real pleasure from intimate caresses.
  2. Stress – the absence of two strips on the test in itself excites a woman, especially if pregnancy does not occur within several cycles. In this situation, you should simply not get hung up, if the spouses are healthy and lead an active lifestyle, then conception will definitely occur. To prevent stress, it is best to get enough sleep for at least 9 hours a day, give up coffee and other stimulants of the nervous system, take vitamins and folic acid.
  3. Good nutrition – at the stage of pregnancy planning, a woman should limit fatty meat, animal fats and fast carbohydrates in her diet. Nutrition should be balanced with a high content of green vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries and nuts – these foods contain a huge amount of vitamin E, folic acid and trace elements that are favorable for fertility. To improve the quality of sperm, a man is also recommended to follow the diet by including fatty fish, olive oil, walnuts and pumpkin seeds in the diet.

How to get pregnant if you can’t? When the spouses are absolutely healthy, avoid stress and eat right, but conception still does not occur, a woman’s ovulation should be monitored. To do this, for several menstrual cycles, it is recommended to measure the basal temperature in the anus, always in the morning, without getting out of bed. With a normal menstrual cycle in a woman in the first phase, the temperature in the rectum will be equal to body temperature (36.2–36.7 degrees). The day before ovulation and at the time of the release of the egg into the fallopian tube, the temperature in the anus rises to 37.0-37.1 degrees – these are the most favorable days for active sex, which increases the chances of fertilization.

Currently, ovulation tests are being sold, with which you can track this important process.

But still, the most informative diagnostic method is an ultrasound study of ovulation, which allows you to study in detail the state of the reproductive organs.

How often do you have to have sex to get pregnant?

what to do to get pregnant

If a couple refrains from having sex 3-4 days before the expected ovulation, and then has sex every other day, this will significantly increase the chances of pregnancy. Prolonged abstinence is also harmful (more than 5 days), as it negatively affects the quality of sperm. With a normal menstrual cycle of 28-30 days for a woman, the most favorable days for intimate relationships are the days from the 12th to the 20th.

Favorable postures for conceiving a child

During ejaculation, spermatozoa in large quantities enter the vagina, from where they rush to the uterus and further into the fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs. It is perfectly natural for some semen to leak out of the vagina, but this does not prevent conception in most cases.

There is a widespread belief that with various anomalies in the structure of the internal genital organs (uterus bend and others) and inactive sperm in a man, you need to have sex in certain positions in order to increase the chances of conception. This theory does not have a specific evidence base, however, it will not bring harm.

Here’s what the recommended poses look like:

  • in the position of a woman on her stomach – such a position is favorable for conception when the uterus is bent and the organ is deflected backwards;
  • in the position of a woman on her side with her knees pressed to her stomach – in this position the penis is closest to the cervix – accordingly, the seminal fluid at the time of ejaculation immediately enters the cervical canal;
  • in the missionary position – a man on top, a woman in a position on her back.

Folk ways

how to get pregnant fast

With a strong desire to have a baby, women are looking for folk ways to get pregnant quickly. Of course, their effectiveness has not been proven, but many of the fair sex claim that these recipes really helped conceive on the first try. Below are the most common:

  • ficus flower – it is popularly believed that by planting a ficus at home, a woman attracts a baby to her family, and pregnancy will come sooner;
  • frogs – figurines, soft toys, sewn with their own hands, depicting a frog, attract “a stork that brings a child to the family”;
  • the use of a boron uterus, or one-sided ortilia, in the form of an alcohol tincture – this plant contains a large number of various components, including plant estrogens and progesterone, which have a direct effect on the process of egg maturation and increase the chance of conception.

The main advice for the early onset of the desired pregnancy in healthy spouses is, nevertheless, complete relaxation and letting go of the situation – for several months, just love each other without fanatically calculating “dangerous” days. At the same time, lead a healthy lifestyle, be less nervous, get enough sleep, spend more time in the fresh air, and soon a pregnancy test will please you with two strips.

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