How to choose a swimsuit for pregnant women: we take an example from the stars

How to choose a swimsuit for pregnant women: we take an example from the stars

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Swimwear for pregnant women

It can be difficult for expectant mothers to choose the right swimsuit. Many people buy beachwear in ordinary stores, while others are looking for sets designed just for this period.

We have already talked about how to choose a swimsuit after childbirth , and now we decided to find out which swimwear is preferred by celebrities who are now expecting a baby or have recently become mothers.

Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria is a real style icon! Even during pregnancy, the Desperate Housewives star continues to dress up and adorn herself. And there are a lot of swimsuits in her wardrobe! Separate swimsuit of bright color is a great option for a bright and unforgettable vacation!

Who said a one-piece swimsuit is boring? Eva Longoria chose this unusual model with one strap and a figured neckline in the chest area and did not fail. A woman should always remain seductive!

During pregnancy, the actress also starred for the magazine. During this unusual photo shoot in the pool, Eva changed several outfits at once, among which an elegant black off-the-shoulder bodysuit, a one-piece white swimsuit with a mesh insert and a flying translucent dress flowing through the water stood out.

Elena Kuletskaya

Model Elena Kuletskaya, even on vacation with a child, looks like she is ready to go on the podium at any moment. She constantly changes swimsuits, and in each of them the expectant mother looks amazing!

Very elegant and stylish black monokini swimsuit. Pairs perfectly with a wide-brimmed hat!

One-piece swimsuits for pregnant women can be very unusual and beautiful, as the well-known model clearly showed.

Advice on choosing a swimsuit for pregnant women from Elena Kuletskaya:

Well, what a vacation without shopping for swimwear. In this one, I was strongly drawn to fused models. Probably an unconscious desire to protect the belly-maker, or maybe it’s just embarrassing or something … to shine a meter around the waist in front of everyone on the beach.
Life hack when choosing a size: special models are already designed for a growing tummy, so you don’t need to put on a plus size

Candice Swanepoel

South African supermodel and one of the “angels” of Victoria’s Secret Candice Swanepoel chooses the classics. The minimalist black bikini was probably the most comfortable and fitting option for her!

Anna Khilkevich

Actress Anna Khilkevich also took several swimsuits on vacation at once. One-piece models for pregnant women with or without straps, decorated with bright prints, as well as a separate black knitted swimsuit.

Singer Hannah

During the May holidays, the pregnant singer Hannah was vacationing in Dubai and actively shared her pictures in swimsuits on social networks.

Her choice is separate models of unusual design, for example, a white bandeau with fashionable ruffles, a terracotta swimsuit with ties around the neck and a timeless classic for pregnant women who want to “hide” their stomach, a black one-piece swimsuit with transparent inserts and a pattern in the chest area.

Rita Dakota

Singer Dakota often traveled during pregnancy with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky.

For example, a year ago, during a vacation in Montenegro, she demonstrated several swimsuits on the beach at once, including both one-piece models for pregnant women and simple separate swimsuits, for example, with funny unicorns on the bodice.

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin in a bikini

Hilaria Baldwin , a mother of many children, manages not only to take care of her children, but also to take care of her body. Recently, in her microblog, she shared tips on how to remove the stomach after childbirth . But, it is worth noting that with a pregnant tummy she looks just charming! A comfortable and practical strapless swimsuit is a favorite of Alec Baldwin’s wife.

What swimwear do you prefer?

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