How the stars support the Russian team at the 2018 World Cup

How the stars support the Russian team at the 2018 World Cup

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On July 1, a match between the national teams of Russia and Spain took place. The meeting took place in Luzhniki and ended with a score of 1:1 in regular time and 5:4 after a series of kicks, according to the results of the game, our team advanced to the quarter-finals for the first time, which will be held in Sochi on July 7. Enchanting game did not leave anyone indifferent!

To support our country at the 2018 World Cup, some celebrities have published cheering photos! Well, after the victory, Igor Akinfeev became the hero of all, without exception, star posts and memes!

Natalia Vodianova promised to donate 1 million rubles for the development of football in Russia and dance Kalinka before the final match at Luzhniki. Will wait!

I must say that Natalia Vodianova with her children is “sick” for the Russian national team from the first match.

The wife of the national team player Yuri Zhirkov , Inna, posted a touching picture of her father and son.

We really miss our dad, but to be honest, we are ready to wait for him until July 15! 😅 I’m so worried. I will cry in any situation, I hope there will be tears of happiness!

After the winning match, Inna congratulated our team and her husband.

Unfortunately, midfielder of the Russian national football team Yuri Zhirkov will miss the remaining matches of the World Cup due to a leg injury.

Philip Kirkorov is delighted with the game of our players! And he is not alone!

Holidays in Europe did not prevent Kristina Orbakaite from watching the match! Mother and daughter Claudia expressed the victory of Russia with kisses.

Ksenia Borodina ‘s daughter Teya supports the Russian national team like this:

Actress Anna Mikhailovskaya believed in victory! And her faith helped!

Pavel Volya did not hold back his emotions after the match!

Together with his son, Dmitry Iskhakov supported today’s match – a Russian designer and photographer, as well as the husband of Polina Gagarina .

Nyusha posted words of encouragement to the fans and the players themselves!

The star of the series “Kitchen” and the Hotel “Eleon” Olga Kuzmina did not forget to cheer up the players with a cheerful photo.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva jumped for joy!

The children of Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva spent the day of the match like this:

The daughter of the singer Jasmine Margarita performed a victory dance after the match in Luzhniki

Anna Khilkevich , with her beauty and charm, even lured the Spaniards to our side.

Anna with her husband (he came to the match wearing a mask)

But her daughter immediately knew that Spain had no chance today!

The son of Sergei Zhukov also did not stand aside

Sergey Lazarev and his charming son Nikita believed in our team until the very end!

Vlad Sokolovsky and the baby rejoice at the victory:

Actress Katerina Shpitsa jumped for joy after the victory of the Russian team in the match with the Spaniards.

Zara and her son came to the stadium to support Russia at the 2018 World Cup

Yulia Baranovskaya , having returned from Rome , immediately went to the stadium to “cheer” for our players!

Alsou and her daughters supported the Russian national team by wearing themed T-shirts.

After the match ended, their joy looked something like this:

Maria and Pavel Pogrebnyak did not forget to congratulate our team on the victory!

In this photo, General Le Havre does not yet know that Russia will advance to the 1/4 finals.

We also congratulate the Russian team on the victory and wish you good luck in the next match, which will be held on July 7 with the Croatian team .

Russian celebrities also actively supported previous matches with the participation of the Russian national team. Maybe it helps athletes too! Keep it up!

The daughter of Ekaterina Klimova does not lag behind adults and also took part in supporting Russia at the World Cup.

Anna Khilkevich expressed her support in a more original way.

The star of the series “Univer” and former deputy Maria Kozhevnikova published a picture where her two sons Ivan and Maxim play football, wishing good luck to our team!

Alexander Revva and his wife came to support Russian football players at the stadium in Samara.

Philip Kirkorov has published a video that is suitable for the period of all the games of the Russian national team. His children Alla-Victoria and Martin-Kristin sang an encouraging song.

Natalia Antonova also supports our team!

In the meantime, the stars are “sick” at the 2018 World Cup, Sergey Zhukov shared the impressive results of the Hands Up! football team. In 2017, the singer took over the women’s football team under his own management. Yesterday the girls won an important victory! Sergei congratulated the champions on his blog, but did not forget to wish good luck to the Russian team in the match against Uruguay.

Uraaaaaaaa!!!!! Our sports beauties from the Hands Up team! became champions of the top division of the Women’s Amateur Football League 2018!
Now the girls are waiting for a trip to Barcelona! Good girls! Keep it up!

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