How Tereshina's four-year-old daughter reacted to her mother's pregnancy

How Tereshina's four-year-old daughter reacted to her mother's pregnancy

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Tatyana Tereshina with her daughter

The singer recently officially confirmed her pregnancy by sharing a photo with the comment: “There is still half the time left to rewind and go on a diet.” And then, not limiting herself to such a laconic entry, she published a lengthy post that a baby’s heart was already beating under her heart.

Tereshina did not hide from her fans how she prepared her four-year-old daughter Aris from her first marriage to the fact that their family would soon have one more child .

At first I did not tell her, but she still went with me on the ultrasound and looked at the monitor with a smart look. She did not understand the word “pregnancy” and therefore believed that we were listening to the beating of the heart. But we really listened to the heart, but not mine).

Then I decided to tell her, first of all because of safety, since Aris is a very active person and she might one day try to climb on top of me, sit on my stomach and so on,,, and I was afraid of this. I told her that her new relative lives in my tummy and that I need to be careful with my mother’s tummy. Aris did not really believe at first. She said: You don’t have anyone there. Then Aris on the ultrasound Aris examined a very mobile baby and fell into delight 🤭🙃👅 She began to exclaim: “Yes, indeed a child! Look what he’s doing, he’s jumping!

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Young Aris already knows who she will have – a brother or sister. Tereshina still hides the gender of the unborn child from fans.

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Tanya Tereshina with her daughter © Instagram @tanya_tereshina

And how did you prepare older children for the appearance of a baby in the family?

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