How Pugacheva and her children prepared for Easter

How Pugacheva and her children prepared for Easter

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin with children

In a video posted on the social network, a voice well-known to all fans of the singer hoarsely comments on what is happening on Good Friday:

“We paint Easter eggs, Lizonka makes pink.” “Red,” a blonde four-year-old beauty in adult rubber gloves corrects her mother.

It is clear that both babies – dark-haired Harry at this point battling with a blue tint of dye – are well versed in the technology of Easter preparations.

“We need to wait a bit,” Lisa explains, dropping the egg into a jar of colored water.

At the same time, on a table covered with plain oilcloth, which can be found in most Russian kitchens, several bright multi-colored eggs are already drying.

On the Holy Resurrection of Christ itself, the singer published a video where Lisa very artistically performs the Easter song, and her mother greets her with the traditional exclamation: “Christ is Risen!”.

On the same day, Maxim Galkin posted on his Instagram page a photo of dressed-up kids who hugged cutely, sitting on the steps of a luxurious staircase. The brother and sister are dressed in red outfits suitable for the occasion. In front of each is a large wicker basket with Easter cakes, colored eggs and other Easter goodies.

Photo: © Instagram @maxgalkinru