How and why eyelash lamination is done

How and why eyelash lamination is done

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Lamination of eyelashes is one of the most demanded services in beauty salons and private masters. After it, the hairs look thick, bright and healthy. If you choose the right composition, the process will not harm, and the result will last for several months.

The essence of the eyelash lamination procedure

Lamination is a procedure during which eyelashes are covered with a special composition based on keratin, a strong protein. It is able to penetrate the hairs, improving their condition. There is also an increase in the thickness and length of the cilia.

Eyelash lamination

After lamination of eyelashes, the result is stored for several months.

Keratin works well in conjunction with other active ingredients. To enrich cosmetic formulations add:

  • peptides;
  • vegetable oils;
  • wheat protein;
  • vitamins.

With good initial data, the visual effect resembles an extension, but synthetic fibers are not added.

Pros and cons of lamination

The use of keratin composition allows you to quickly change the look of the cilia. They become thicker, thicker and longer. At the same time, the drugs affect the quality of the hairs – they strengthen them, nourish them, prevent brittleness and further loss. One visit to a cosmetologist is enough to visually increase the number of eyelashes by 30-40%.

At the same time, the pros and cons include long-term strengthening of hair follicles. An expressive look will last for several weeks or even months. But, when the action of keratin ends, there is a risk of developing the opposite effect. In a few days, all the cilia that should have been updated all this time may fall out.

The composition makes the lash line very expressive. A biowave gives a similar effect, which destroys the structure of the hairs.

After lamination is completed, the eyelashes become many times brighter, but retain a fairly natural look. This allows you to refuse mascara, although there are no contraindications to its use. After visiting the lash maker, you can lead a normal life, use contact lenses and even sleep with your face in a pillow, which is prohibited when building.


The result of any cosmetic procedures depends on many factors, including the quality of the materials, the professional skills of the master and the client’s compliance with all the recommendations of the specialist. In some cases, eyelash lamination is not performed.

Eyelash lamination

It is necessary to carry out lamination of eyelashes according to all the rules

Keratin formulations are not able to harm a pregnant or nursing mother. But during these periods, the female body goes through many hormonal changes that can affect the final result and how long it lasts.

The list of contraindications includes:

  • ophthalmic diseases;
  • recent eye surgery;
  • individual intolerance to the components;
  • barley;
  • injuries on the skin near the eyes.

Opinions differ on whether keratin can be done before the extension process. Some dense formulations securely seal the area to which they are applied. Gluing synthetic hairs on them is very difficult, and the likelihood that the glue will not grab is high.

Possible consequences

The useful composition of keratin is a plus, the disadvantages include the inability to conduct a qualitative test for individual intolerance to the components. It is difficult to predict the severity of the consequences. In the best case, the client is waiting for an allergic inflammation of the mucous membranes, which will pass in a few days. At worst, vision problems may occur.

Lamination can be disappointing for girls who have very short and straight lashes. The composition will make them more noticeable and thicker, but there is a risk that the hairs will stick out in different directions. It does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and it is difficult to quickly correct a negative result. How long the composition lasts depends on its quality.

How is the procedure done in the salon

In the absence of contraindications, keratin strengthening is carried out in the salon directly on the day of treatment, preliminary consultations are not needed. The process is painless and usually does not cause severe discomfort. It is recommended to come to the master without make-up.

Eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination has a cumulative effect

How lamination is done in the salon:

  1. The lower lashes are carefully separated, hydrogel pads or patches are placed under the eyes. Each hair is carefully treated with a degreaser to improve the penetration of the composition.
  2. A soft cream is applied to the eyelids to protect delicate skin from the effects of the keratin composition.
  3. A fixing gel is applied to special silicone curlers and applied to the upper eyelashes. With the help of tweezers, moving from the outer edge to the inner, each hair is attached to the curler.
  4. A composition with keratin is applied along the entire length of the cilia. A film can be applied over the eyes, which is covered with cotton pads dipped in warm water. This will speed up the feeding process.
  5. After 7-10 minutes, the film and discs are removed, the cilia are stained with a special paint.

The paint must be kept for no more than 5 minutes. After the curlers and patches are carefully removed.

How long does the result last

The result of lamination is stored for a long time – from 1 to 3 months from the moment of the procedure. The duration of the effect depends on the composition used and the individual characteristics of the client. Some cosmetologists believe that it is possible to re-strengthen after 1–1.5 months. Lamination has a cumulative effect, each time the result will be better.

Is it possible to do the procedure at home

Lamination mix and all necessary tools can be purchased independently. There are many instructional videos on the Internet, and manufacturers of keratin formulations leave detailed step-by-step instructions. But home conditions are not always suitable for such events.

It is very difficult to do everything right without outside help. It will also be difficult for a non-specialist. There is a risk that the composition will flow into the eyes and lead to irritation or inflammation. And if you attach the curlers carelessly or incorrectly, the eyelashes will retain their ugly shape for a long time. To avoid this, you need to see how others do such manipulations.

If you still want to try, the safest way is gelatin lamination. For him you will need:

  • 50 ml. purified water;
  • 15 gr. gelatin;
  • 1 tbsp hair balm;
  • cotton buds;
  • napkins;
  • patches under the eyes;
  • brush.

Gelatin dissolves in water at room temperature, warms up a little over low heat and mixes with hair balm. Everything is thoroughly mixed. As in the salon, at home, you should wash with a cleansing gel, remove makeup residues and degrease the area around the eyes.

With a cotton swab, a moisturizer is applied to the eyelids so that it does not fall on the eyelashes. The area under the eyes is protected with a patch. It is convenient to apply the slurry of gelatin and balm with an artificial brush or mascara brush. The composition is applied in a thin layer, the excess is removed. For half an hour, while gelatin remains on the eyelashes, it is better not to open your eyes. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly with warm water.

Many doubt whether it is harmful to carry out such a procedure at home. If everything is done correctly and carefully, there should be no negative consequences. Eyelashes after strengthening will become thicker and darker. But the effect will last only 3-5 days.

Care after lamination

The keratin composition needs time to properly harden on the eyelashes. The bend has not yet been fixed, so some influences can spoil the result. On the first day, the procedure provides for the following prohibitions:

  • visit the sauna;
  • apply makeup;
  • touch eyelashes;
  • wash;
  • sleep with your face in the pillow;
  • use tonic on the eyes.

Already on the second day, all restrictions are removed and you can return to your usual life. From the fulfillment of these conditions depends on how long the result will last.

If you want to prolong the effect, eyelashes need simple care. Before going to bed, they can be moisturized with castor, peach or nut oils. To do this, use a clean mascara brush. Oil is applied not from the roots, but rather from the middle of the eyelashes to the tips.

It is advisable to refuse eye makeup removers, which include alcohol or fats. Any mascara is suitable, but it must be washed off before going to bed using mild cleansers. After the cilia are combed with a special brush, so as not to disturb their position.

Lamination of eyelashes is useful not only from an aesthetic point of view. It makes hair stronger and healthier, and the cumulative effect guarantees a very long result. You can carry out the procedure within the framework of home conditions, but, if possible, it is better to seek the service of professionals.

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