Handmade: amazing rock sculpture!

Handmade: amazing rock sculpture!

24.05.2022 0 By admin

A new place on the tourist map of South America is located on the road between Medellin in Santo Domingo and Savio in Colombia. this masterpiece delights many not only with its large-scale handiwork, but also with the fact that it is dedicated to the child in the womb.

Sculptor Dubian Fernando created his creation as a “tribute to life”, in support of motherhood and childhood around the world.

Dubian completed the work in 2012 and named it “The Pregnant Mountain”. Once, one of the travelers photographed the sculpture, published it on the Web … and this place became known to the whole world, becoming a tourist attraction.

The beauty and size of the “baby in the rock” is simply amazing!

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Photo: nvexo.com