Greek holidays: Elena Temnikova with her daughter

Greek holidays: Elena Temnikova with her daughter

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Singer Elena Temnikova in her microblog posted a series of photos with her daughter Alexandra (3) from a hotel in Greece, where they spend their holidays.

The singer writes that for the first time in a long time she finally managed to really relax.

And the star promises that there will be few photos !

Sometimes it’s so good that it’s just too lazy to take a photo. Too lazy to waste time on this.

Temnikova began her report from the vacation with a video with views of the hotel and shots of the most delicious pancakes, just looking at which one can say that the vacation was a success!

By the way, Anastasia Kostenko , the wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov, advises including pancakes in your breakfasts, who recently shared her “pregnant” menu for those who do not want to gain weight during pregnancy.

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Photo: Instagram