Grandma's vacation: Victoria Boni's daughter in Sweden

Grandma's vacation: Victoria Boni's daughter in Sweden

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Victoria Bonya with her daughter

In her microblog , Victoria Bonya shared a new photo of her six-year-old daughter, in which the girl plays with a dog. The star mom told fans that her daughter is spending her holidays with the mother of millionaire Alex Smurfit , father of Angelina Letizia. Victoria has maintained a good relationship with her ex-mother-in-law, and the girl really likes to visit her grandmother. Bonya does not like to part with her daughter for a long time:

I miss my angel. I call her and ask why she hasn’t called me for two days already?! In response, I hear: “Mom, I’m busy all day!”

This is such a business girl growing up with Victoria Boni, which is not at all surprising, because Angelina is brought up as a real princess.

With the real “Hürrem” – actress Meryem Uzerli

Despite the fact that Victoria Bonya broke up with Angelina-Letizia’s father, they maintain warm friendly relations.

Now Victoria is dating French billionaire Pierre Anduran , with whom she also recently published a joint photo in her microblog.

Do your kids spend their holidays with their grandparents?

Photo: Instagram