Graduation 2018: the children of the stars have entered adulthood!

Graduation 2018: the children of the stars have entered adulthood!

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Graduation is a memorable event in everyone’s life. Leaving the walls of the educational institution, children enter into a new life. On the night of June 23-24, the graduation ball of 2018 was held. The event did not bypass the star children.

Alexandra, daughter of Catherine and Alexander Strizhenov

The famous TV presenter shared with her subscribers the preparation of her youngest daughter for the main party of the summer! According to Catherine, everything was fun.

The image of Alexandra turned out to be very tender.

Andrey, son of Anna Mikhalkova

Seeing off her son to the ball, the actress managed to take a picture of the graduate with his friends. As you can see, the boys did not pose reluctantly. Apparently, they were in a hurry to the party.

Okay, I’ll publish one photo of the children for the pro forma) I managed to fix it with difficulty. Blackmail, bribery, threats.

Anton, brother of Anna Mikhailovskaya

The actress of the series “Molodezhka” touchingly congratulated her younger brother on the graduation, and did not forget to give the last instructions:

Crazy, I remember how I led you to the first grade, and now you are a graduate! 🙈 I believe in you and I know that everything will be 👌 Have a great graduation everyone! And don’t forget to reply to your mom’s text message at 5am that you’re okay!

Taisia, daughter of Vadim Galygin

The resident of the Comedy Club has two children growing up: the eldest daughter Taisiya from the model Daria Ovechkina (for the first time a showman father at 24) and Vadim Galygin Jr. from his marriage to Olga Vainilovich. The eldest daughter graduated from high school this year.

The happy father posted a touching frame on his microblog, where the younger brother hugs his sister, obviously proud of her.

Daughter!!! Shine! Create! Work hard! Love! Search! Learn!!!❤️❤️❤️ We love you!!!

Eva, daughter of Lolita Milyavskaya

The proud mother also shared her graduate Eva with subscribers. The singer also congratulated all the other teenagers who graduated from school!

Sasha, daughter of Alexander Zhulin and Tatyana Navka

The daughter of Russian figure skaters posted a photo from her prom.

Artyom, son of Olga Orlova

The former soloist of the pop group “Brilliant” shared with subscribers that her son graduated from school with a gold medal!

Mom’s pride!!!!! I’m in seventh heaven!!! I love you son!!!

Ekaterina Starshova

The button from the series “Daddy’s Daughters” has grown! Katya Starshova graduated from school ahead of schedule, and even with a gold medal.

© Instagram @ekstarshova
© Instagram @ekstarshova
© Instagram @ekstarshova

Last year, Katya received a certificate at the end of the 9th grade. Over the past year, she passed all the exams in the 10th and 11th grade program.

© Instagram @ekstarshova

Not so long ago, Starshova announced that she was stopping acting in films and on TV. The girl plans to study at the Faculty of Biology.

Hannah will not be sending her child to prom soon – the singer is only preparing to become a mother in a few months. However, the future mother performed yesterday for the graduates at a concert in Gorky Park. After the show, Hannah left a congratulatory message for the teens on her blog. Very correct words!

A fun holiday and farewell to school time in Gorky Park was held under a concert, the headliners of which were Feduk and Mot . By the way, it was the future graduates who chose these performers – the composition of the artists was determined by voting in the Active Citizen project.

Graduation was held on a grand scale in the northern capital of Russia. In St. Petersburg, the most romantic annual holiday “Scarlet Sails” was held, which traditionally marks the end of the school. At the end of the evening, a brig with scarlet sails passed along the Neva under volleys of fireworks.

Scarlet sails are a symbol of hope, dreams and love! Anniversaries were celebrated this year. Exactly 50 years ago, the celebration was held for the first time in Leningrad.

One of the leaders of the holiday was Ivan Urgant.

The actor and showman published a video on his blog with a crowd of young people who came to the holiday.

By the way, this year the holiday of school graduates “Scarlet Sails” gathered a record number of guests: up to 80 thousand people became participants in the show.

Alsou was one of those artists who performed for graduates at the Scarlet Sails festival. As the singer admitted, she liked the holiday very much and it made her remember her youth.

Yulia Kovalchuk yesterday performed in the Kremlin at the main graduation party of the country.

The singer also posted congratulations to all graduates on her blog:

I don’t know if I have graduates in my subscribers, but I CONGRATULATE YOU all the same, both here and on the Kremlin stage now!)) guys, come off right to the fullest, so that for life !!! And dance, shout and smile!!!

Nadezhda Meikher-Granovskaya also decided to congratulate all those involved in her instagram. The former soloist of the pop group “VIA Gra” published a photo from her prom and wrote wishes to the young:

Dear graduates, may your fate turn out in the best way, so that you feel full, satisfied with life as Humans… I love you 😍

We join all the congratulations and wish the graduates that all your dreams come true. Good luck, luck, new achievements, happiness and success in later life!

Photo and video: Instagram