Grace Kelly's granddaughter sets the fashion for a normal physique

Grace Kelly's granddaughter sets the fashion for a normal physique

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Camille Gottlieb

The granddaughter of the legendary Grace Kelly recently celebrated her 20th birthday. At such a young age, Camille Gottlieb does not strive to meet the “thin” standards of beauty. Perhaps her parameters are a little different from those that skinny celebrities have shown in recent years. In our opinion, the girl looks healthy and cheerful. See for yourself:

photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb
photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb
photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb

The girl is often compared to her famous grandmother. Plump lips, a similar bend in the eyebrows, blond hair, high cheekbones – many say that Camilla is growing almost like a copy of Grace Kelly .

photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb/@marlboro_nights
Grace Kelly and Camille Gottlieb photo instagram @jeezvintage/@camillerosegottlieb
photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb/@jeezvintage

And with cousin Charlotte Casiraghi , another granddaughter of the legendary Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly, Charlotte Casiraghi, Camille Gottlieb photo: instagram @coutureandroyals/@camillerosegottlieb

Recall that Camilla is the child of Princess Stephanie , the youngest daughter of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Hollywood actress Grace Kelly .

photo instagram @camillerosegottlieb

Camille is the illegitimate daughter of Stephanie and her former bodyguard Jean Raymond Gottlieb, and is therefore ineligible for the throne of Monaco.

However, despite the lack of royal privileges, the girl participates in the life of the royal family and appears at all important state events.

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