Goodbye, Crete: Polina Gagarina's vacation is over

Goodbye, Crete: Polina Gagarina's vacation is over

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Famous singer Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Iskhakov and two children were vacationing in Greece. But, as the couple wrote in their microblogs, the vacation was over and they returned home. In the last Greek photo, the family is in full force: Polina, her son Andrey (10), Dmitry and their common one-year-old daughter Miya , whose face the parents are still carefully hiding.

Happiness is to be together, happiness is to see Mom laughing, happiness is to make Easter cakes and sand castles with her daughter for the first time, happiness is to see such a big and caring son, happiness is when her husband has the coolest sense of humor, happiness is to speak Greek, happiness – there are incredibly delicious dishes from childhood, happiness – the cleanest sea, blue sky and scorching sun! Thank you dear Greece! We’ll be back! Polina wrote.

Her husband was not so verbose, but also noted that everyone was very good, and also said that he was proud and admired Polina, because she was a polyglot and spoke Greek without an accent, according to local residents.

And Dmitry was the main family photo and video correspondent throughout the rest:

They flew away, but promised to return.

In the meantime, we are waiting for new photos from this wonderful couple!

Have you already managed to visit the sea this year?

Photo: Instagram