Galina Yudashkina took her son to kindergarten

Galina Yudashkina took her son to kindergarten

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The eldest son of Galina Yudashkina Anatoly , despite his young age, went to kindergarten.

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Galina gave birth to her sons in the USA, so 2-year-old Anatoly lived in this country for a long time and began attending a kindergarten there. He already speaks two languages quite well (Russian and English) and will soon start learning a third. Perhaps it will be Chinese or Spanish. Now Galina’s family and her husband Petra Maksakova live in Moscow, so they chose a suitable educational institution for their son here.

Tolya is dressed in a bright raincoat and fashionable rubber boots and demonstrates a willingness to learn and make new friends in the kindergarten.

By the way, the kid, under the strict guidance of the legendary grandfather , is making progress in drawing !

The younger Arkady will soon be six months old. He has grown up a lot, and his mother is happy to share his photos with fans.

Galina Yudashkina, despite the troubles with the children, has already managed to go to work. Recall that the star mother is the heiress of the Yudashkin fashion empire and works there as an art director. She produces her own clothing lines for adults and children, shoots for fashion magazines and participates in reality shows.

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