Funny: Christina Asmus with her daughter on Lake Como

Funny: Christina Asmus with her daughter on Lake Como

24.05.2022 0 By admin

Garik Kharlamov , Christina Asmus and their four-year-old daughter Nastya are now resting in Italy. Family holidays are active. Subscribers of the star couple only have time to mark new places in their route: behind Milan and Florence, and now tourists are on the picturesque island of Como.

Just while walking along its embankment, Christina Asmus, along with little Nastya, recorded a funny video that collected more than 200 thousand likes. The actress and her daughter came up with a “synchronous jump”.

Christina’s subscribers were amused by this video, but immediately raised numerous questions regarding her image: “Very nice! But it seems hot to you in all black”, “Garik, buy shorts for your wife already !!!”, “Kristina, you should have a dress”, “Kristinochka, I’m sorry, but why are you all in black?”, “Why not breeches or a light long skirt, platice?

We became interested in the issue of the actress’s vacation wardrobe. And judging by the update of her photos on Instagram, Christina Amus prefers two colors in Italy – black and white. Jeans are my favorite piece of clothing.

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Tell us, how do you dress on vacation in hot resorts?

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Announcement photo: Instagram @asmuskristina