Friendship forever: everyday life of two kids and four Samoyed dogs

Friendship forever: everyday life of two kids and four Samoyed dogs

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We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. And dogs and children are best friends for life from the very birth of babies. Australian Sarah Hegarty is a pet groomer and has four Samoyeds (one of the oldest dog breeds) in her home. No wonder her personal blog is dedicated to these beautiful pets.

Meet Arthur, Aurora, Shimmer and Sebastian.

Sarah also has two children – Layla (1 year old) and Ruby (10 months old), so many interesting and funny things happen in her life every day. She regularly shows all this to her subscribers, who are fans of her children and dogs.

Sarah, 26, is also the founder of the Perth Samoyed Club (Perth is a city in Australia), which brings together local Samoyed owners and their dogs. Therefore, other Samoyeds often come to visit Hegarty, who also appear on her blog.

See how birthdays for dogs are held in this club:

According to Hegarty, her daughters are very good with dogs.

Lila learned to walk by gently holding on to the puppies’ fur and following them around the house. She hands them food, they fall asleep together, they read together, they do almost everything together.

But for little Ruby , dogs are constantly looking after, guarding and watching. One can only dream of such nannies!

And this is what the dogs looked like when they themselves were babies:

At first glance, it may seem that Sarah ‘s life is like a constant joy, but taking care of dogs and children takes a lot of time and effort. She regularly spends about 8 hours to properly wash and care for all four of her pets, she said. But despite all the worries, it’s worth it.

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