For the living: 5 best movies for moms

For the living: 5 best movies for moms

24.05.2022 0 By admin

The best films for future and accomplished mothers

Sometimes you want to watch a movie that can hook the most subtle strings of the soul. To watch it not while cutting vegetables for soup or washing dishes, but in silence, for example, over evening tea. And follow the life of the main characters, who are also mothers.

Soon the screens will be released “Tally” with the incredible Charlize Theron as a mother of many children. In the meantime, we’ll look at inspiring stories about women who change their lives for the sake of their children.

“Mildred Pierce”

Mini-series of five episodes. Kate Winslet played the title role. Yes, the one that woke up famous after the legendary Titanic. The actress embodied the image of the housewife Mildred Pierce, whose calm life was broken by a storm – her husband left for another woman.

Mildred is also changing, her career begins with the work of a waitress. There are still many events ahead, difficult and full of intricacies that the heroine overcomes with her head held high: the search for a loved one, his loss, misunderstanding on the part of the eldest daughter … However, we will not spoil, you will see the rest for yourself.

“Erin Brockovich”

A story based on real events. Julia Roberts played the title role. It’s interesting that the woman whose life story was written off also appears on the screen in one of the episodes.

In the image Erin Brockovich is something that many other women have. She is used to difficulties. But three children do not allow to relax: they need to be fed, they need clothes and toys. Therefore, it turned out to be an excellent film about the unbending character and fortitude of a simple mother. She really wanted to change her life, and so she was able to do it. She goes to her goal. What’s next? You will see an inspiring film, after which you will also decide to change something in your life for the better.

“Invisible side”

Starring Sandra Bullock . It starts with the topic of football, so at first you might think: am I watching a movie? And after about 30-40 minutes you will understand that football is not at all superfluous here.

The fact that the film is based on real events gives hope that in a world where it is so difficult to trust almost anyone, such unusual events can happen.

“Where the Heart Is”

In the center events – the pregnant heroine Natalie Portman . She finds herself far from home, from a man who stopped loving her and acted unmanly. No, it’s not a depressing movie at all! It’s about how many sympathetic people with big kind hearts. And, we hope, after this movie story, it will seem to you that the world has become brighter.

It is also a film about the need to always move forward, never give up. After all, there, around the corner, a new path.


The film is about a brave woman, a mother who knows that no one but her will help her children. This is a movie about an American fairy tale, where a dream comes true. But before that very fairy tale comes, Joy will have to test her character for strength, withstand the pressure of troubles, discover the possibilities of a business woman in herself. Starring Jennifer Lawrence .

This is a dynamic and lively film that captures and does not let go until the end credits. We are sure that later you will want to revisit your favorite moments.

What films about strong women do you like?

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