For inspiration: finger toys that your baby will love

For inspiration: finger toys that your baby will love

24.05.2022 0 By admin

finger toys

Best of all, children discover new things in a playful way. Help your child expand their horizons right now, because you don’t need to rush to the educational toy store for this! We suggest using finger toys, many of which are easy to make with your own hands.

Materials needed: colored cardboard, glue, felt-tip pens, scissors. And then – only your imagination and our ideas.

Cardboard Chicken
play and tell a story about Chicken Ryaba

finger toys

runaway bunny
folklore is rich in fairy tales with the participation of eared

finger toys

during the game, tell the baby about how the bees collect honey

Polar bear
that’s a reason to talk about the fact that there are such bears,
who live near the North Pole

finger toys

Athlete toys
with older children it is interesting to organize sports competitions
with finger players

Needle moms can crochet characters for finger toys…

… or sew from felt

Quick idea: paper-drawn and cut-out finger toys. Why not?!

You can really dream up – and recreate the images of your favorite cartoon stories or comics !

Does your child love finger games?

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