For Alena Shishkova and Alice, designers have created a fantasy family look

For Alena Shishkova and Alice, designers have created a fantasy family look

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On her personal Instagram, Alena Shishkova publishes photos and videos from filming more often than with her little daughter. Therefore, everything connected with Alice immediately arouses the interest of model subscribers. The revival was caused by a very tender and touching photograph, in which Shishkova and her daughter are depicted in peach-colored evening dresses.

The model commented on the picture:

Especially for me and Fox, they came up with such an image where we are an integral part of each other. The idea is that a flower has blossomed on my dress, and its petals fly apart and fall on Alice’s dress.

Instagram @missalena.92

The model’s subscribers rated the photo: “Very gentle…beautiful…perfect for mommy and daughter!”, “Very beautiful! So tender”, “And without an idea with a flower it would look great” . But it was not without critical comments:

I got the feeling that my mother wants to leave, and my daughter tells her with facial expressions not to leave … holding her long leg. I think that there is not a flower here … but a lack of mother’s love.

I wonder when this family look was invented? We saw a photo of Alice in this dress on Instagram Simona Yunusova , the grandmother of little Alice, back on March 20:

Instagram @simona280

Recall that Alice was born in the relationship of Alena Shishkova with rapper Timati . Parents are happy to spend time with the girl, but most often Internet users learn about Alice’s life from her grandmother, who actively maintains her account on Instagram.

Instagram @simona280, Instagram @missalena.92
Instagram @simona280

Did you like this fantasy family look?

Announcement photo: Instagram @missalena.92